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BigBRC1's blog
Posted by BigBRC1 | Dec 13, 2014 @ 09:16 AM | 2,201 Views
After building and flying many B-17's from the new micro to HK's 1875 mm and after looking at what's left of my first crashed B-17 ( only the 63" wing and part of the tail assembly remains) for some time, wondered if I could convert it two a B-29. But after much searching the internet for plans and seeing that a B-29 looked a lot different than a B-17, except for the tail assembly, I decided to put together (piece meal) my own plans . The plane will have a 75" wingspan and be built mostly from Depron foam and balsa. It will have retracts, motors, ESC's, servos, etc. from my 'boneyard' of B-17 spare parts. I hoping flying weight will be in the range of 6 lbs. (like the HK B-17). I'll try to post photos of the build as I go along.
Posted by BigBRC1 | Jan 21, 2014 @ 10:53 AM | 1,514 Views
My HK No.5 B-17 "Miss Patou 5" is now flying and as they say, 'Practice makes perfect' or in my case, practice makes flying better and easier. I've made mods such as extending the access area in the cockpit area by cutting out about 10" behind the cockpit and gluing the two parts together. It's held in place by two earth magnets mounted where the fuse is reinforced with a partial rib. This was necessary because all of the electronics and a MrRCSound card are mounted in the center top of the wing. Attaching the wing requires only plugging in the elevator and aileron leads. Since I using a separate battery to power the receiver, this makes plugging in the power sources to motors, receiver and sound card a snap and also helps in checking that the receiver and satellite lights are solid. The plane also has a different paint scheme than No. 4 with new decals.
Posted by BigBRC1 | Nov 29, 2013 @ 02:57 PM | 1,292 Views
Well, my fourth HK B-17 was 'shot down'. So, No.5 build is about finished. The only mod I'm doing before I maiden it is that I've cut an access in the top from the cockpit to just in front of the radio operators station. I glued that part to the cockpit and added earth magnets to secure the new hatch. The new hatch give me complete access to all electrics that are mounted on the wing. Like No.4, "Miss Patou 4", I'm reinstalling the MrRC Sound system with twin speakers sans the card that I had in my old ship (that card is being used in my FMS 1700 P-51 Red Tail also with twin speakers/ sounds fantastic). I may maiden "Miss Patou 5", my nose art for her, before I received a new card, the 4.1 version that Andrew is starting to ship today. As for more moding, ala repaint and decals, haven't decided yet. Will post if I do more.
Posted by BigBRC1 | Aug 13, 2013 @ 06:31 PM | 1,305 Views
My latest B-17 have been repainted with Dark Oasis flat latex interior house paint (available at Loews or Home Depot in L.A.). MrRCSound is also installed with two speakers. Since I'm using a seven channel receiver, I was able to use Aux2 for the Multi Bomb drop sound. Four sequencing bomb sounds! I was surprised to find that the sound chip was flashed with Servo3 as 'clear' and Servo4 'Multi Bomb' unlike the attached instructions that said it was Servo3 'Multi bomb' and Servo4 'gun'. Am thinking of changing to a nine channel receiver so I get the 'clear' and 'gun' sounds. At my field, Apollo X1 in Van Nuys, CA, the Valley Flyers Club is hosting the Model Aviation Day this weekend and I'm hoping to shoot some video. We may have as many as five B-17's with the sound system.
Posted by BigBRC1 | Jun 09, 2013 @ 05:57 PM | 1,695 Views
My third HK B-17 is flying great. Have almost 150 flights without any serious mishaps. I've moded it quite a lot with darker Olive Green upper and light bluish gray bottom paint airbrushed where the two colors meet (colors are custom mixed using Art Store acrylics), new decals and airbrushed engine exhausts top and bottom of wing, bombardier in the nose cowl, canvas effect at the tail gun position. By the end of the month, will have a MrRCSound multi engine sound system installed. A member of our Apollo Field B-17 Squadron has already got his in and it sounds awesome! We hope to have a least 6 other 17's with sound. A YouTube video with be forthcoming. Over and out for now!
Posted by BigBRC1 | Aug 31, 2012 @ 09:11 AM | 2,122 Views
After 117 flights on my B-17 and to many crashes, (mostly pilot error) have decided to hang it up. My B-17 squadron at Apollo Field in Van Nuys, CA "The Award Winning and World Famous B-17 Squadron" have agreed it was a wise decision. Have ordered a new one will mod it with all the changes on the old one. But before I make them, plan on flying it stock out the box to see if it flies any better than the original. The props were the main issue. Too flexible. Changed them to MAS 9x7's. Some the squadron pilots changed to FMS B-25 props, but as of now, FMS is out of stock. If I change to MAS props, need to cut the motor shafts shorter and can't use FMS props.
Posted by BigBRC1 | Jul 03, 2012 @ 06:49 PM | 2,719 Views
Pilot 40784 and I buddy box today and after Pilot landed the plane, I forgot to drop the throttle to minumum and I burned up the ESC.