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Posted by 1fullbird | Apr 19, 2013 @ 09:37 AM | 2,574 Views
Finally it's starting to come together. In the process of building a longer range FPV aircraft. I choose the Deep Reaper XL from Crash Test Hobby. Aircraft control is from a Range Link UHF mated to a Turnigy 9X without the module. Video is RMRC 800mW 1.3, IBCrazy Clover leaf and a SPW on the ground station. (yes, I do have a ham license)

Had a heck of a time getting the Turnigy 9X and the UHF Rx to work on the throttle. Turns out the brand new HK 80A Red Brick ESC was bad. I used another ESC off one of my Storm Chaser to make sure all servos and motors work. Waiting on postal delivery of a new esc. Standard size (ok large scale) MG servos mounted well forward for the CG. Motor is a CTH recommend NTM 3536-1800Kv turning a 9X6 prop. I run the NTM 3530-1400Kv's on two Storm Chasers and a Grim Reaper wing and they have worked will. Did have one burn out after and estimated 35 hours of flight (bearings) I used to do a rough prop balance on a Phillips screw driver in a vise--no more. I use a prop balance to make sure I don't contribute to pre-mature bearing failure.

All wiring for the servos, ESC lead and the RSSI feed is twisted pair. I have shielded twisted pair wiring for the OSD to the vid Tx. Power to run the vid system will be off a battery balance lead through a power filter. Camera is a SC2000 PZ0420 2.8mm lens. I have several of them and quite happy with their performance. Two 4,000 mAh batteries will power the aircraft. I pulled the SkyLark...Continue Reading