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Posted by blucable | Aug 07, 2015 @ 08:10 PM | 1,269 Views
Just wanted to show off my most recent project and the build is as follows:

Sky Hero Little Spyder Frame
Tiger Motor MT2820-7 KV830
Tiger Motor S35A Opto ESCs SimonK Flashed
Graupner 3-blade E-props 10x5 (1050)
Naze32/Flip32 Full FC board Cleanflight Flashed
ATAS Pro Mini Power Distribution Board
Graupner GR-24L Rx SUM/PPM
Graupner HOTT Vario telemetry
Graupner MZ-18 Tx SUM/PPM
CN06-Ublox GPS
Zippy Compact 5S 25C 3700mAh
Boscam TS832 5.8GHz 600mw FPV System
Fusuno Custom Canopy

The quad without gimbal and landing gear weights 2200g (I know its super heavy, however I still get 3900g additional paid-load) and I get 10min flight time on each battery pack. I get 15-17min on 2 battery packs running at the same time. Maximum speed reached: 58mph according to the not so accurate Graupner telemetry data.
Posted by blucable | May 01, 2015 @ 11:14 AM | 1,728 Views
While this may not be a new product, I am making this post to give some thumbs up to this company that makes these super awesome LEDs. The shipping was super fast and well packaged and the product is just amazing, I think these LEDs motion depending on low or high amps.

Here's a video of the lights on my quad:

DRQ-360 testing strobe LEDs (1 min 5 sec)

Here's the link to the product (I got the 2x 12 inches version for my DRQ-360):
Posted by blucable | Apr 28, 2015 @ 04:03 PM | 2,303 Views
I forget very easily so I am making this entry for my own information and whoever else is very new to this hobby.


When I first started with Multiwii, I was completely lost with all the flight mode names in the GUI. I can roughly figure out or guess some of them, and what they do, but I wasnít 100% sure. So this post is going to discuss what each mode means and what they do.

You might find you have fewer flight modes in your Multiwii interface, you can enable them in your config.h file. But as long as you donít need them you should keep the options minimal. I will discuss the few that we use most often here.

These flight modes are defined and can be assigned to transmitter AUX switches in the MultiWiiConf GUI.

Arm (Acro Mode)

This flight mode indicates whether your airplane is armed or not for flying.

If nothing else but this is enabled, you are automatically using the acro mode (acrobatic mode), which only needs the gyro sensor. The angle of your RC transmitter translates to how fast the copter rotates around that axes, it will not level when you let go of the sticks, and it will continue to move.

To make it stops when you let go of the sticks, you need to enable the accelerometer in self-level mode (angle or Horizon modes) which I will discuss in a minute.

The acro mode allows acrobatic flights e.g. you can do flips. You also usually need to adjust your PID values first in this mode...Continue Reading
Posted by blucable | Apr 26, 2015 @ 12:54 PM | 1,995 Views
I think this is going to save many lives out there since there is very little support for newbies like me in this specific matter.

Setting up a SUM signal with a GR-24L Rx and a Graupner mz-18/24 Tx requires you to connect a 3 pin cable (yes just one 3-pin cable) from your FC's (I am using Naze32) Channel 1 (white cable: signal, red cable: + current, and black cable: - or ground) to the channel 8 which is the designated channel for setting up the SUM signal.

After those connections are done properly and safely you want to get in the FC's UI which in this case I used cleanflight and you want to go to the "Configuration" tab then make sure you have the "Receiver Mode" checked into RX_PPM. Then move onto the "Receiver Tab" and make sure your channel map is setup to "JR / Spektrum / Graupner"

After that, assuming your Tx and Rx are bond, follow the following instructions to activate SUM in your Tx:

Changing the GR-24L to SUMO (single output PPM data stream)

On the MZ-18/24 select Function Menu > Telemetry > Setting and Data View, to go into the receiver settings.
When the RX Data View Screen comes up press 'ENT' 5 times till you get to the RX Servo Test Menu
Press 'INC' 6 times to scroll down to the 'CH OUT TYPE' line.
Press 'SET' to highlight the channel out type.
Press 'INC' to change the value to 'SUMO' (sum signal out/PPM out)
Press the 'SET' button again to select the number of channels to be output. (I chose 12 channels)
Press 'INC' or 'DEC' to select how many channels to output in the PPM stream.
Press 'SET' to exit and save the value.
Press 'BACK' 3 times to exit to the main screen.


After this go to cleanflight's receiver tab and all channels should be active and working.
Posted by blucable | Mar 27, 2015 @ 10:32 PM | 2,336 Views
Hello there everybody welcome to my blog. In my first entry I would like to tell you the process that I had to go thru to get this bird in the air. All credits to a good friend that goes by "Vantastic" sold me this quad ARTF and offered me the best top of the line support to help me figure out as a beginner how to get this thing flying.

The build:

Frame: DRQ 360 (D-Hawk) Folding Quad
Motors: 4 x T-Motor 2212 980kv motors
ESCs: 4 x HK F30-A ESCs flashed with Simon K
PDB: 1x Power Distro board with 12v and 5v (adjustable) outputs
Props: RCTimer C/F 8x4.7
FC: 1x Flip32+ (Naze 32) Flight controller with Cleanflight firmware loaded
Batt: Zippy Compact 4S 3700mAH LiPos
Footage Cam: Sony Action Cam Mini HDR-AZ1
Rx: GR24-L
Tx: Graupner mz-18
FPV Setup: (Currently Working on it)