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Posted by SkippyTBK | Apr 18, 2014 @ 08:02 PM | 1,727 Views
I am setting up this thread as free open space page to share our ideas freely on Openpilot topics and particularly for many who I see, including myself, that have been unfairly banned from the Openpilot forums because certain administrators there simply disagree on a point of view, or who do not want to have any negative truths disseminated about the Openpilot system.

This will not only give those who have been banned from the OP forums and who have invested time an money into the Openpilot systems a place to continue to share ideas and to help one an other for support without fear of the tyranny of being banned again, but also a forum space that is transparent and open and to sharing both the good and the bad about Openpilot systems so that any new comers to this system are also full aware what they are getting into.

This being said I personally believe the Openpilot system is one of the best platforms in both hardware and software development currently available and credited to be given to all those developers who have spend enormous amount of time and funds into its development. Well done to the Openpilot development team.

lastly for those who have been burnt by the Openpilot administration, please try not to use this thread as a place to simply vent out your anger and frustrations. Keep it civil and constructive and factual as possible.

This thread is to include any discussions on Openpilot firmware and software, Revo, CC3D and any other Openpilot hardware and also including the new ArduPilot32 on OpenPilot Revo firmware that now give OP Revo full GPS autopilot flight capabilities.

Welcome all to the Openpilot Outcasts and Renegades thread.

John ( Banned IDs on Openpilot Forum Holden11 and SkippyTBK )