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epoxyearl's blog
Posted by epoxyearl | Nov 30, 2014 @ 07:06 PM | 1,786 Views
There's been a lot said in the Trader thread, about the scammers and cheaters coming out during the holidays.

But I had an intriguing PM the other day...I had an engine for sale, with a Pitts muffler, and this guy wanted to buy just the muffler. Since it wasn't mine, but an Estate engine, I had to ask the widow what to do.
She thought that one muffler is as good as another, and suggested if the man had a muffler to trade, to just swap them out.
He did, and we did..
Here are three people who haven't met each other, making a satisfactory deal for all concerned. He paid shipping for his, I paid shipping for hers,and the mufflers were exchanged. Now it looks like it cost her money to complete the deal, but we agreed we'd make it back on other items...(She's a little "Christmasy" right now)....At 92 years old, she knows where it's at......
No matter- there's some 'good' left in the world, and I'm happy to be part of it.
Posted by epoxyearl | Nov 30, 2014 @ 05:23 AM | 1,010 Views
The 'building season' has arrived in Maryland...Time to get back onto the Lil' Rascal, and the Monocoupe, and the Fairchild, and the Decathlon, Holy Crap- I have a lot of projects !

-No matter....I'm retired,73, and afflicted with Attention Deficit Disorder....everything's interesting for a short time.-oh look ! a ROCK !

But I keep building......Models I started building years ago, eventually get finished, and flown. I'm happy that new projects attract my attention, and grateful that I'm aware of my surroundings.

I try to build one thing at a time, but another 'rock' always seems to appear.
Posted by epoxyearl | Oct 20, 2014 @ 06:02 AM | 2,089 Views
At the Old Farts' Breakfast, we were lamenting the passing of yet another member.

Going through his estate, we were all struck at the amount of airplanes, engines, and equipment he had accumulated, most not flyable, ALL too good to destroy...

Someone questioned why he had so many unflyable airplanes, and continued to get more new ones, instead of repairing those...
I believe each model has a specific memory to us, good or bad, and we don't want to let go of them.
I have half a dozen models in various states of construction, and I know that at my point in life, they probably won't get finished.-still I have a gleam in my eye for the next ! creation..
It's all good.
Posted by epoxyearl | Sep 01, 2014 @ 05:48 AM | 2,190 Views
Labor Day 2014..I've been selling off some stuff for an old friend, and I just got a note from a buyer...
There had been a box of old engines that I sold for 'parts', and he had repaired most of them, distributing them amongst those who could make the best use of them.
That was heart-warming...Bob's collection of junk is circulating the flyer's neighborhood,doing some good.
I'm going through MY stuff now, to see if I have anything I can live without, that may help someone else. I am a classic hoarder, but I also like to see things used for their original purpose.

As some of you know, I build Hot Rod engines...One of my customers stopped by yesterday, with a magazine. His car,(and my engine) are featured in it...Since the early fifties, I've read all the magazines, never thinking that one day, I'd be in one.-kinda cool..

As fall closes in, I'll get back to the 'Not a lil' Rascal' project, which I'm looking forward to.
Posted by epoxyearl | Aug 10, 2014 @ 05:17 AM | 3,080 Views
Back in 1958, I went into Dorsman's Hobby Shop in Newark Delaware..Mr. Dorsman was putting a Sterling Boat kit on display, and I WANTED it.

But a 17 year old didn't have that kind of money, so all I could do was dream...I bought a several-times owned kit in 2000, but was inundated with offers to buy it, and let it go.

Last Sunday, Henry Bohe offered a partially built one for sale, and with clenched jaw, I determined it would be mine to build. Now, he let it go for a minor amount, because he knew I was ready to finish one .

What had been finished was well done, but the plywood parts can seldom duplicate solid mahogany...I had some old boat boards I had scavenged, so I cut and stripped them into replacement parts.

She's coming along, and is a welcome change from the model airplanes.
Posted by epoxyearl | Jun 07, 2014 @ 09:53 AM | 3,626 Views
I read with interest, an article in Sport Aviation, about a support bearing for the V-dub prop hub.
With a life expectancy of 3800 hours, at 3600 rpms,I got all excited...But it ain't a THRUST bearing, just a support for a 3" extension, to clear the forward exhausts.

Pooh ! I'm looking into adding a second snap ring, and making a new hub, to facilitate the thrust , also.
Posted by epoxyearl | Feb 23, 2014 @ 10:14 AM | 4,405 Views
I've been researching V-dub engines to use in an Ultralight Aircraft.
A lot of guys are cutting them in half, and adding larger cylinders, to get around 37 hp, at 87 pounds. Since the four banger gets 36 hp out of 1200 cc's, the twin is a great improvement....same hp, about 50 lbs lighter.

According to what mine weighs,I may use a 53 hp engine, since weight won't be such a consideration, if I'm overweight, anyway.

We'll see.
Posted by epoxyearl | Jan 29, 2014 @ 10:17 AM | 4,047 Views
Well, we done moved the discussion to the "Builder's Workshop" to better be a part of the system RCG provides.
Posted by epoxyearl | Jan 25, 2014 @ 08:33 AM | 4,275 Views
The wing rib fixture is reaching it's final stages..Using the Fisher layout, it's a simple matter to assemble the ribs.
The problem with the Rascal wing, is that it only has 10 ribs that are similar.Then each rib is different,since they taper, due to the elliptical wing shape.

We 'fattened' Piper Cub J-3 airfoil, (can';t go wrong with that) and increased the undercamber a bit. The USA-35-B shape already has undercamber, and we want to insure a 26 mph stall speed.
Posted by epoxyearl | Jan 24, 2014 @ 10:48 AM | 4,199 Views
In 1986, I built a Fisher "Koala' ultralite.WE used all aircraft spruce, and a 1/2 Volkswagen engine.

All this time later, the Rascal now 'haunts' me as a design worth building.
-So we're off and running.Many hours on line, and at RCG has given me the information I needed to build one from scratch..

We had the plans enlarged 350% and built a work table 6' wide x 18" long of 3/4" plywood. Level, square and plumb.(and straight)

It'll be a couple of years in the making, so check in once in a while, if you like..Add your comments too.
Posted by epoxyearl | Jan 16, 2014 @ 09:19 AM | 4,372 Views
I still don't have my camera back,but that's not important at the moment.
What IS important is that wood is heavier than it used to be,...A perfunctory stab at estimating the weight of my proposed ultralite indicates it may be difficult to meet the weight limitation of 254 lbs., dry.

There's an option of getting to around 300 lbs, and registering it as a light sport, tho'.

I'm getting encouragement from several builders of ultralights, that it doesn't matter,to just go for it...and deal with the end result.

I've been ripping, stripping, notching, and cutting grooves in longerons..Wood working as a vocation and a hobby is certainly helpful, here..I'm well pleased with the scarf joints I'm making.....I used the FAA suggestion of an 8" scarf as a minimum, but went to a 12" one, so there's no question the joint is stronger than the wood.

If I meet 'weight' and don't need an inspection, I'll know it's safe, and if I need an inspection, The Inspector will know too.

Posted by epoxyearl | Jan 09, 2014 @ 08:18 AM | 4,301 Views
I've been known to do some off the wall things in my day. Swinging off a rope from a tree over an 80 foot cliff, drag racing at 150 miles per hour on the strip
,and racing boats at over 100 miles and hour at APBA races.

In the late '80's, I built a Fisher Ultralite "Koala" , a Piper Cub look-alike, with half a Volkswagen engine. That clinched it- there was no doubt left in their minds that I was the village idiot.

Some 33 years later, it's still flying,although sold, and I'm embarking on a newer adventure.-Another ultralite, this time a "Rascal" clone, the Sig Rascal 110, enlarged 350 %....I'll use the Fisher procedures, just adapted to my outlines.

I took the fin and rudder to the Old Fart's Breakfast yesterday, and you may have thought I was one of the Wright Brothers, saying I was going to FLY !

The modelers assume it's another crazy attempt to kill myself, and the PILOTS think it's a great idea..

100 years after the boys flew for the first time, and modelers still don't believe......With the information available currently, what can go wrong?

Stall speed-26 mph, top speed 62, cruise 55, 23 HP Briggs and Stratton v-twin,4 cycle, with a belt drive reduction.Total weight (dry) 254 lbs.

Later, Earl
Posted by epoxyearl | Dec 25, 2013 @ 03:48 PM | 5,093 Views
In the late 80's, I built a Fisher Ultralite, the Koala..as a contract build.

I bought one of the first generation Sig Rascals,then most of the different sizes they built
Last year,I got another NIB original, and have been flying it in endurance testing.

A couple of weeks ago,some Ultralite friends saw me flying it, and thought it would make a perfect FAR legal Full scale airplane.

We enlarged the Rascal Wing Outline to 29'10", and filled it in with structure...each wing panel will be slightly less than 14', and we chose 56" as the chord.

I have lots of wing spars from restorations, to get building materials for short pieces,and we'll use new spar material from Aircraft Spruce..

We're going to kick this around more, before we bite the bullet
Posted by epoxyearl | Nov 30, 2013 @ 10:32 AM | 4,366 Views
The Holiday is over and I took the required afternoon nap.. MY team won the football game, and the dog is in my lap.

There are several models to be finished,but there's little energy or "want-to"..

I'm 73 years old, and in excellent health...nothing to complain about except that opening line, "over the hill"....
Your mind conjures up visions of going down the backside of a mountain, or the like, but what your body feels ain't "going downhill".
- More like climbing Everest...

I'm declaring this,2013, the year I got old...I'm not 'done' yet, but don't let me hold you back.
Posted by epoxyearl | Nov 24, 2013 @ 07:55 AM | 4,450 Views
26 degrees, and 20 knot winds...Ice and snow,soon..
At last !-I can't go flying anymore, so it's building season. I want to finish some projects that are a couple of years old, and recover a few that are older than that.

I'm doing a serious covering job on a 1/3 scale Hostetler Decathlon, replicating a friend's full scale one..really applying myself.....

I have a level of quality that I dream of , and then there's the one I'm capable of.

I keep trying, but there's always something I wish I'd done better, when a model is finally done.If I could go slower , I'd be fine..
Posted by epoxyearl | Oct 28, 2013 @ 10:10 AM | 5,020 Views
"Does anyone have this Graphic?" "Where can I find a 3 view of this ?" "has anyone ever---?"
All these questions get answers at RCGroups, from guys willing to take one more step toward helping a fellow modeler.

The Sun's shining, the leaves are falling, and we're facing another building season, anxiously awaiting next spring's new crop of models.

Escape Flyer and his daughter Ashley are back. Dad and daughter , building together.

Life is good.
Posted by epoxyearl | Oct 20, 2013 @ 08:30 AM | 5,076 Views
You hear it all the time-"just DO it". Little is indicated about the soul-searching required to accomplish that.

I want to convert a brand new, unstarted glow engine to ignition, and gasoline fuel.

It's an MDS 2.18 cubic inch glow motor, (35cc) and it's way too much for a 110" Rascal, but it's going in it anyway.

I'll probably do a "Conversion log" in the "engines" forum..It's just difficult knowing I may ruin a perfectly good engine through experimentation..On reflection, I've ruined a few 'perfectly good engines' by running them for 40 odd years also.....and the G-62 we crashed into the concrete at Virginia Beach so hard and fast we knocked the crankshaft out of index..
There's a front and rear half of the crank,pressed through the con rod bearing,under tremendous pressure.

We knocked it asunder.... I lived through that tragedy- I'll probably survive burning this engine up.

We'll see.
Posted by epoxyearl | Oct 06, 2013 @ 06:40 AM | 5,359 Views
I got the chance to do some endurance flight testing for a 2014 project, and took it.
Guys want to fly across country,"Club Hopping" a Sig Rascal 110 and a Taylorcraft.
Volunteer clubs will fly the planes to the next location, so any and all can participate.
I volunteered my Rascal for local testing, with a Fuji 34 cc gas engine..We're looking for 70 miles per hour, and roughly 100 miles distance.

The rascal will accept two 40 oz. fuel tanks, piggyback style, so having two 32oz tanks removed from the Midwing Special, we began our journey. We have access to a little used full scale airport in Massey Maryland, so we headed there.
We flew for 75 minutes at full throttle, on 64 ozs of gas...We have a 22 x 12 prop cut down to 17-1/2" diameter, leaving a "paddle blade" prop stub.
We will do rpm, fuel consumption,weight, and radar speed checks this coming Tuesday.
The Rascal easily carries the extra fuel, and to celebrate the beginning of the test flights, we looped it from level flight with 64 ozs of fuel aboard. I don't think the Rascal was aware of the extra weight.
I was not designed to fly for that long, however..Several of my systems were complaining at the end of 75 minutes, not the least of which was my knees....I'm sitting down, next time.
Flying for fun loses most of it's 'appeal' at about 40 minutes, for me.
Those guys will be in a convertible, with the top down, when they do the actual flight.
Posted by epoxyearl | Sep 13, 2013 @ 07:05 AM | 6,423 Views
I am a model aircraft flight instructor..I am also a Test pilot for Maiden flights.

So a fellow club member asks if I will test fly his Dynaflite SE-5, that's been under construction for over 5 years.
Whoa Nellie! that's a long time! So I'd better be good,and I'd better be careful.
We did all the things by checklist,and everything was up to snuff..
When I looked around the field for clearance, there were video cameras and still cameras everywhere-his entire family had come out for this flight.
I didn't like the guys on the field,so we cleared them off to a safer location...
Now I like the old slider trims, as I can 'fly' the model with them until she's trimmed.This radio has digital trims,and you have to fly and trim at the same time..I have an airplane that's slipping,pitching down, and rolling right, and the owner is fiddling with my transmitter,trying to plug in the buddy box cord so he can fly it !
Some times my life is too complicated..
Posted by epoxyearl | Sep 11, 2013 @ 11:52 AM | 5,534 Views
More and more, I'm being prevented from flying at Fly-ins I've attended for many years..
This ban on 72 mhz radios is nonsensical...."Yesterday's" top of the line radios are being phased out, country wide for no good reason.
Yesterday's excuse for requiring 2.4 only was that there was no frequency control.
Oh come now !; the three of us who had driven 100 miles are savvy enough to talk amongst ourselves and decide who to fly with, -and when.

I don't have anything against progress, but stupidity needs to be stamped out....No frequency control ??? ranks right up there with some of the dumbest things I've heard....- this on a field with transmitter impound racks, and pins readily available..