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Posted by pinstripelounge | Aug 01, 2016 @ 12:48 PM | 1,022 Views
Ultralight project of many years back, when ambition was bigger than the wallet...

It was originally designed for a Rotax, preferably a gearbox/beltdrive combo.
Posted by pinstripelounge | Aug 01, 2016 @ 10:22 AM | 902 Views
Just a few models that sacrificed themselves in order to teach,

Original Great Planes ElectriCub (first edition w/o ailerons)
Just after barely breaking ground the wingstrut caught the edge of the bleacher seats, and then dragged the plastic cowl down with it. Sure would have been nice to know that a hand launch takeoff would have been the way to go. It was stated at the end of the build manual, but who has time to read all that fine print anyways!

Great Planes Spectra
The two piece wing sure sounded appealing to build, especially since it had to fit in a 1974 super beetle. Unfortunately, it also likes to fold up quick and proper in a highspeed dive. At least the battery pack survived though, it was one of those 1500 mAh NiCad packs which was about the highest that the local hobby shop sold back then.

Great Planes PT40 (first edition, not the MKII)
Yeah, that yellow monokote covering job sure was beautiful! It also made it extremely easy to pick it out in top of that evergreen tree where it landed inverted! My grandmother had come to the flying field to watch that day, must have been all that pressure to perform well. No one had yet explained that to make a turn, you have to LET OFF the aileron once your established bank had been made.

Carl Goldberg Piper Cub
Man alive, That 21st century fabric sure did save some time in trying to mimic the fabric and dope look. Shame the pushrods were of balsa and had horrible flex. They caused an erratic...Continue Reading