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Posted by cubcrafter60 | Sep 25, 2015 @ 09:06 AM | 1,517 Views
Hey Guys,

Spent last week end at the Reno Air Races and my buddy said here use my camera, well I did, and shot 700+ photo's! It's taking a while to get through them so I'll post a bit at at a time. The majority are from the AT-6, Jet, and Unlimited classes, and a few from the Formula 1, Biplane, and Sport classes. Also have some of the Breitling Jet demonstration team, the Commemorative Air Force Tora Tora Tora display, and some of the F-16 P-51 Heritage flight so let me know if there's anything specific you'd like to see, otherwise just post a bit at a time.

We'll start with ... Rare Bear!

Just found this so I thought I'd add it here. Awesome sound but it sounds even better live!
2015 Unlimited Gold Race (14 min 57 sec)
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Posted by cubcrafter60 | Sep 15, 2015 @ 02:54 PM | 2,040 Views
I've been wanting to build one of Steve Shumate's (jetset44) F-18 parkjets for some time. I thought it would be something a little different to try and besides, I've always liked the 'Bug'! If anyone reading this is interested in parkjets you need to check out Steve's blog and look at his many designs and downloadable plans.

I bought a 3D Foamy kit version of his design that has a few minor differences but over all it goes together just like Steve's. Since this was going to be my first Depron build I glued the nose lamination's together before we moved just to get a feel of how this stuff cuts, glues, and sands. Well four months later we're moved and I finally got the workshop in order, my buddy is bringing up a Taube .90 for me to start building, and I'm waiting on some more graphics from Callie for the Komander so I figured Id get started on the F-18 again.

The build has been pretty simple and straight forward. I was going to go to town on this one but have now decided to get her built and get some stick time on it before I paint it, maybe it will make the maiden a little less stressful not having to worry about dinging a nice new paint job! Here's some pics of the build so far, I had to order another carbon fiber tube for the horizontal stab, it should be here soon so for right now I've been working on the electronics installation and doing a bit of sanding. I added three small intakes for cooling air but other...Continue Reading
Posted by cubcrafter60 | Aug 27, 2015 @ 11:43 AM | 1,641 Views
Some years ago I was real interested in building a Balsa USA Taube 40. I ordered one I found online and wound up getting taken for $86.00 (or search on RCU for Quick Tech Hobbies)! Anyway my buddy Lane found a Balsa USA Taube 90 at a swap meet and snagged it for me so I'm finally getting one. If anyone is familiar with the Taube (Dove) you know that they were manufactured by several companies and there were many variations, also the Balsa USA kit isn't a scale model of any particular variant. I figure I'd just incorporate some of the more appealing features of several variants to have a nice antique sport model (of course including a set of old timer floats)!

I couldn't find a link for these photos of a replica at the The Museum of Flight in Seattle, WA. but it's a particularly nice example and they're full of ideas for additional details to add to the model! ...Continue Reading
Posted by cubcrafter60 | Aug 24, 2015 @ 09:46 AM | 1,690 Views
Just realized it's been six months since my last blog entry! Between the move up here and the loss of our six year old grand daughter Gianna, things have just recently returned to some semblance of normalcy.

Quite some time ago my buddy Lane (who I've building models with since elementary school) brought up a Sig Komander to fly up at my local club field, it flew nice and I filmed it as he flew. When we got back home he started pulling out the servos and I asked what's wrong and he said, "Nothing, I figured I'd leave it up here for you to fly"!

Fast forward four years and I still hadn't flown it! I was afraid to fly it because I didn't want to prang a model that he spent so much time building. He's been encouraging me to fly it and saying 'it's just a model, fly it'! I've been working on it a bit and collecting the items required to once again fly a glow powered model and I followed his recommendation to add some color to the bottom of the wings and some chrome trim strips to the leading edges to get some 'glint' when flying. She balanced just slightly nose heavy from the recommend cg so I figured I'd leave it there for the initial flight.

Well yesterday she finally flew! Other than the engine quitting on final, the maiden was a non event, just a little faster & heavier than the planes I normally fly but he added flaps to help slow her down for landing. I'll play with the idle this next week and get her dialed in and hopefully get some video next weekend.

I've enjoyed flying 'low & slow' for some time but recently have wanted to improve my flying skills so I can start flying more complex aircraft. This is the first of several planned steps in that direction. Any recommendations for a good low wing trainer?
Posted by cubcrafter60 | Feb 22, 2015 @ 08:24 PM | 5,130 Views
Despite my screen name and my fondness for the Cub and Super Cub my favorite aircraft has been the de Havilland DH.60 Gipsy Moth and it's finally heading into the build que! Friday while looking at the 'Electric DH-60 Gipsy Moth?' thread, viewing a post I did on the Laser Design Services laser cut short kit for the 1/4 scale Bill Northrop DH.60 Gipsy Moth some time ago, my wife came up behind me and asked "What you looking at?" I told her 'a short kit of my dream plane' and after explaining to her what a short kit is, she says, "Our anniversary (32nd) is coming up, why don't you order it?" Well I hate to admit it but I 'caved' and ordered it and while talking to a buddy about the virtues of using the Hangar 9 DH.82 Tiger Moth gear set on it she says, "Is this the one? (pointing at her computer) I'll get it on order".

I've had the plans for several years and spent hours looking at them thinking of how I'd do things on it. I even made forms up and laminated the vertical & horizontal stab leading edges. I always thought that a fiberglass cowl would work well on this model and will probably will make one up to fit it. I'm still agonizing over propulsion (electric or a four-stroke) and I've narrowed down the build field down to two aircraft, G-AAMY an American built 1929 DH.60GMW Gipsy Moth that starred in the 1995 film 'Out of Africa' or G-AANL a 1929 DH.60M Metal Moth. Below are photos and profiles I drew of both aircraft. I'll start a build thread in the appropriate forum when the build gets started!

My wife's and my journey together hasn't always been perfect (who's has), but even if I could, I wouldn't change a thing as its made us who we are today!

Happy Anniversary Babe! I Love you! XXX OOO
Posted by cubcrafter60 | Jan 31, 2015 @ 03:53 PM | 6,646 Views
I’ve decided to wait on flying the Mosquito until the move is complete and I can focus on it a little better (and join the local club). Since we're moving to the high desert and I have plenty of room to fly at home my FunCub has been bumped to the top of the list so I can fly out in the rougher terrain. Also since I’m already familiar with it I figured it would be a good plane to get familiar with the Eagle Tree Guardian 2D 3D stabilizer I've been sitting on. So far I either have or have ordered the following for her:

Tacon Big Foot 10 (1100KV) Motor firewall mounted on a Morgan Mill Stiffener On test fitting it the motor bell sticks out about 1/2" in front of the cowl with the MM firewall mount so, we'll go with a stock motor mounting configuration, beefed up & cross braced motor plate mounting rails, small parts CNC aluminum motor mount plate, and a Morgan Mill Stiffener!
APC 11 x 5.5 Prop
Sky Power 60A ESC with 6A Switchmode BEC
3S 2200mAh 30C Lipo Battery
2ea. Hitec HS-55 servos for ailerons
1ea. Hitec HS-55 servo & 1ea. Hitec HS-55 reverse rotation servo for the flaps
2ea. Hitec HS-82MG servos for rudder and elevator
Lemon Rx DSMX Compatible PPM 8-Ch Receiver + Lemon DSMX Compatible Satellite w/Failsafe Spektrum AR8000 with Satellite Receiver
Eagle Tree Guardian 2D 3D Stabilizer

Still debating on the gear but it will probably be a modified stock gear set rather than the articulated gear from cublandinggear I've been using as they seem to be having problems getting the product to their customers as of late. I also have a set of 28" floats that I'll be using for waterborne operations (there's a lake about 1.5 miles down the road).
I'm more mechanically rather than electronically inclined so I'm looking for some reading recommendations and possible advice with installing and setting up the Eagle Tree stabilizer if anyone has any suggestions.


Posted by cubcrafter60 | Jan 25, 2015 @ 09:14 PM | 4,369 Views
I know there are a few folks who have been following along on my journey and as of late I've been going in several directions, for that I apologize! So I just wanted to take a moment and update the status of some of my projects so you don't give up.

Parkzone Mosquito - I've got everything I need to get her back together now and am starting a very careful rebuild as I'm still trying to determine a cause for the severe right roll on the maiden, and to be honest now I'm a little nervous (I can't afford to rebuild her again)! The guy's on the thread all say she one of the best behaved twins on the market but I suppose I got a glimpse of her 'dark' side (hope it wasn't sitting next to a Chucky doll)! I'll most likely go through her, double check her, then have a friend check her, and go from there. I may try to enlist the assistance of a more experienced pilot for remaiden as well.

DoubleEnder Project - I've ordered another FunCub (should be shipping tomorrow) so that I can use the wing from it to do the modifications for the DoubleEnder wing which will include, squared off and beveled wing tips, increased span flaps (50% flaps & 50% ailerons), and slats. I'm doing the slats are more because the aircraft I'm modeling has them rather than for any performance gains. I'm still debating on their construction either a thin section like a Tiger Moth slat or built up section like a Fiesler Storch slat!

AST FunCub - OK the new FunCub kit fuselage will allow me to...Continue Reading
Posted by cubcrafter60 | Jan 19, 2015 @ 02:09 AM | 4,471 Views
We've (my wife & I) have decided to take the plunge and are getting ready to move to Fallon, Nevada! Her mother passed in November and we've going up most every weekend since getting the house ready to sell and in the process developed an attachment to it and decided that we should buy it! Part of the incentive for me is that it has a 24' x 30' garage (man cave 1) with an attached workshop (man cave 2) and that it's on enough property (10 acres) to eventually build my own RC airstrip if I want!

Through RC Groups I got in contact with a local club (the High Desert Radio Control Club, Fernley NV) and was able to meet up with some great guy's today and check out the flying site. I'm looking forward to joining their ranks!

Just a few pic's of my FunCub early this morning, checking out her new environment (she seemed to take to it)!
Posted by cubcrafter60 | Dec 16, 2014 @ 11:10 PM | 5,743 Views
First off let me say that I know some of my friends on the FunCub thread are probably wondering what's up with the avatar change and second I haven't quit working on the DoubleEnder project, it's just on hold for a bit while I sort a few engineering issues (how'd they do that?)!

Next let me say that I waited and waited to pull the trigger on an e-flite SeaFury until they were all gone (shame on me). I've also loved the de Havilland Mosquito and have always wanted a flying model of it, I've perused the Freewing and ParkZone Mosquito threads for awhile now and was leaning towards the PZ offering when I heard a rumor that they may be discontinuing the kit. So in an effort to not let history repeat itself (and Horizon Hobbies Cybersale) I ordered the 49" BNF ParkZone Mosquito Mk VI model as well as the retracts and flap servos for it and she arrived last Wednesday! I'm impressed with the model but it is a typical foamy warbird and certain concessions had to be made to get it into production. It's not my intention to pick it apart here and I won't be making a bunch of changes (exceptions to follow) as I think it presents really well both on the ground and in the air (especially with the optional retracts). The guys on the ParkZone Mosquito Mk VI – Retract & Flap ready, 49” span thread have done some wonderful things with the model and I hope my efforts will complement what they've already...Continue Reading
Posted by cubcrafter60 | Nov 29, 2014 @ 03:39 PM | 4,697 Views
Due to a family emergency things haven't progressed quite like I had planned. However, I have managed to make a little progress. Have you ever started something that you wondered (after you committed) 'what was I thinking'? I've wanted to do this for quite some time though and I will get'er dun!

After cutting down the first fuselage half I lost any form of rigidity so I decided that before I cut down the second half I'd install a CF rod to help 'hold what I got' and add to the finished fuselages stiffness. I made sure that the fuselage center was flat and glued in the rod, after the fuselage sides are glued together I'll cut down the other side and cover the new fuselage top with cross grained balsa (with lightening holes of course) as there will be a dorsal spine going up to the vertical fin and it will be covered with solartex or something similar. Before I can do that though I have to relocate the rudder and elevator servos to a more forward location to help maintain the center of gravity!

More to follow...

Posted by cubcrafter60 | Nov 09, 2014 @ 06:48 PM | 5,782 Views
I’m not sure why but the Twin Cub or DoubleEnder as it’s more commonly known, captured my imagination ever since the first time I saw it. Based on Super Cub components it’s a 260hp twin Rotax 914 powered monster that’s been in development for several years and work has now started on a side by side seat configured airframe! Since then, I’ve been trying to figure out a way to pull this off with a Multiplex FunCub as a starting point, but the main hindrance has been all that glazing up front (it just wouldn’t be the same with a painted foam canopy)! I’ve pondered for quite a while how I could construct various parts of the plane and I think that building my ‘Got Rocks” FunCub was a good preparatory project for this undertaking. A couple of things have happened that made me feel that project was doable, first I started working with a gentleman that has been working with fiberglass repairs on gliders for thirty plus years and have learned quite a bit from him. Second, Bart83’s Dornier Wal build & some valuable input from Gary (GLM) has been very helpful in sorting out the tandem motor angles set up. Third my friend Quantum Flyer’s motor selection for his Great Planes PBY Catalina got me to thinking as it was about the same size as the FunCub and had plenty of power for a model this size so I thought I'd use the same set up. Gary also had some good input on the canopy and I’m carving a ‘plug&#...Continue Reading
Posted by cubcrafter60 | Oct 21, 2014 @ 09:14 PM | 5,831 Views
My original plan was to maiden the Beaver on wheels then switch over to floats took a little longer than anticipated to pull off. Almost a month after her wheeled maiden I got tired of watching my buddy Todd fly his Beaver off the lake and October 6th, decided to go for it (procrastination is my middle name)! The conversion to floats was pretty easy and straight forward. I forgot that I had added a bunch of 'up' trim during her maiden and after flying his Todd recommended using full flaps for the take-off. Well, the combination made for an very interesting first flight, she was still pitching up with me trying to push the stick forward out of the gimbals and in my efforts to regain control I had forgotten to retract the flaps and reduce the throttle! Well after about 40 seconds (that seemed like an eternity) I was able to settle down and enjoy the rest of the flight. Prior to this I'd only had a flown a couple of flights with my FunCub on floats at a float fly at Camp Far West. I've flown multiple flights on four occasions since the maiden (including one a bit after sunset) and the plane doesn't have any bad habits, the first couple of flights the landings were a bit hot and coordinated turns took some getting used to but the plane just fly's great! I've been trying to cobble together a video and I spent three plus hours on Windows Movie Maker last night on a 4 min 10 sec long video, getting everything just like I wanted it and when I went to publish it (that's what...Continue Reading
Posted by cubcrafter60 | Sep 07, 2014 @ 12:46 AM | 5,868 Views
Finally got her in the air today (now I'm kicking myself for letting her sit for the last 17 months)! Just a couple of minor trim adjustments and she flew great! I don't know if it's because I'm used to flying a heavier modified FunCub or not but seems like she could use a little more weight, guess I'll have to start saving for that Mr. RC sound unit. My friend Todd maidened his today as well with similar results and after today I think we'll be seeing a third one out there soon. I just closed her up for the maiden and still need to finish up some detail work but she'll be dialed in soon and I'll get a little stick time with her before I change over to the floats. I'd highly recommend this model to anyone interested in the DHC-2 Beaver! I'll post some video when I can retrieve the footage a couple of friends shot....Continue Reading
Posted by cubcrafter60 | Aug 24, 2014 @ 02:41 PM | 7,047 Views
I realize I've been all over the place here lately but I'm trying to finish up what I have rather than starting new projects.

In addition to my love for Cubs, I share an equal interest in several de Havilland aircraft (the Mosquito, the Gipsy and Tiger Moth series, and the de Havilland Canada built DHC-2 Beaver). I started looking at the Flyzone DHC-2 Beaver thread and after seeing some of the great things Paul-RC, WVrailfan, MiniBoy, and several others were doing, I got mine on order in mid January of 2013 and after what seemed like a exceptionally long wait I got my hands on one. I shelved it because I had started work on my Dynam Tiger Moth and due to health and work issues, I just never got around to putting her together. So yesterday I pulled her out and started looking her over and decided rather than go to town with mods and refinishing as I originally planned, I'll build her mostly stock and just fly it. In anticipation of getting her I had ordered a few items, an assortment MAS three bladed props, a Parkzone T-28 prop hub, a set of HK 3" wheels (I plan on swapping her over to floats right after the maiden) and a graphics package from Callie Graphics (thank's for the help with that Paul). I applied the graphics yesterday and after looking at the vacuformed Park Flyer Plastics P&W 985 decided to just add some detail to the stock (8) cylinder radial (I can address that after she's flown). I'm holding up on the rest of the assembly until Monday...Continue Reading
Posted by cubcrafter60 | Jul 19, 2014 @ 08:33 PM | 7,041 Views
Aviation term: HACK - An aircraft used for communications or recreational purposes.

I have no shortage of work on the Super Cub but with a big project like that sometimes you just need to take a little break from it. I've always liked the Easy Star but never got around to getting one until a friend decided to sell me his first FPV ship for $50.00 with the motor, esc, & servos AND the camera, transmitter, & antenna. So now I had a well used Easy Star that's been fun & relaxing to fly as I don't have to worry if I add a few new 'stick marks'! However when my wife commented on how ugly she was, I figured it was time to spruce her up a bit! The nose was getting a bit soft so I spackled her up a bit, gave her a quick sanding and fiberglassed the bottom of the nose to harden her up a bit (in the photo it looks like I used a burlap sack)! I'm trying to keep the attachment to a minimum so I can continue to enjoy flying her, so in that spirit she got a quick two tone gray scheme to cover the worn blue foam wings, tail and the nose repairs. I also reworked my home made HD 808 #18 keychain camera mount / hatch a bit. I don't currently intend to reinstall the FPV gear but I'll keep it on hand just in case I decide to play with it. I'd like to build a fresh one (maybe a 2 with ailerons) in a nice clean NASA earth sciences scheme someday but this should suffice until then!

...Continue Reading
Posted by cubcrafter60 | Jul 11, 2014 @ 11:19 AM | 6,704 Views
Well the rebuild has suffered a few 'minor' setbacks. While working on the aft fuselage 'tube' mod I happened to sight down it from the back and noticed the aft upper longeron was warped and twisted! After considering my options (I already had several hours into carefully stripping off all the old red trim) I decided to bite the bullet and pull the covering off the fuselage to replace the longeron! I also had some problems with the hubs on the 200mm Airtops I picked up for this project. Basically, they're junk, if you put the wheels on the axle shaft none of the holes for the wheel halves lined up properly and they also don't look right for the application. I found a solution on the "New Horizon PA-18 Super Cub" thread; one of the helpful guys over there experienced the same problem and found that the Dubro 4" Big Wheel hubs fit the Airtop tires perfectly, won't require bushings for the 3/16" axles on the gear, and 'look much more like the wheels used on the Tundra tire equipped Super Cubs! I also picked up the new Hangar 9 Super Cub tail wheel assembly for a more scale looking set up than the Sullivan unit that was on it and ordered a 2 1/2 inch Dubro smooth wheel for a 'Tundra' tail wheel to compliment the mains, I’ll probably have to modify the yoke a bit to accommodate the new wheel for now but would eventually like to make a new 'more scale looking' yoke for it.
On the plus side, the pull pull set up for the rudder, pilot bust, carbon...Continue Reading
Posted by cubcrafter60 | Jun 15, 2014 @ 10:50 PM | 7,432 Views
Work Continues on the prep for the repaint, I removed the bottom covering so I could install the cable guide tubes for the pull-pull rudder setup, tail wheel, and aft float mounts. I was a bit surprised at how lightly built the fuselage is, but it seems to work. I’m also considering adding the uncovered aft bottom fuselage detail like most Super Cubs seem to have with a bit of carbon fiber tube and fiberglass reinforcement. This is going to be a ‘sport’ scale model but I'd like to get things as right as possible.
One of the biggest challenges seems to be finding photos of the AST Super Cubs, an exhaustive internet search turned up only 59 photos of various AST Super Cubs, mostly on the ground (and only four of N7058 the Super Cub I’m modeling). I’d caught glimpses of them on one or two episodes of the show Alaska State Troopers but a call from my buddy Lane saying, “They had some pretty good footage of an AST Super Cub inflight on the show last night”, prompted another search! For anyone interested, I’ve reviewed 29 episodes and here’s what I’ve found so far. (If I find any more or if anyone knows of any other episodes with Super Cubs, please let me know and I'll amend this list).

ALASKA STATE TROOPERS Episodes with Super Cubs
Armed and Dangerous (Super Cub @ 14:16 AND 43:05)
Extreme Justice (Super Cub @ 2:30)
Hammered on the Holiday (Super Cub @ 17:17)
Knife Fight (Super Cub @ 28:14)
Shotgun Showdown (Super...Continue Reading
Posted by cubcrafter60 | Jun 08, 2014 @ 06:26 AM | 7,170 Views
Well I just can't sleep thinking about all that needs to be done to get this bird up in the air, so I figured I'd do an update! This was originally going to be a quick repaint, assemble, & fly type project but there were some things that really needed to be addressed.
I finally got all the windows out and removed all the red trim from the original scheme, now I'm trying to get all the excess RC56 off the inside of the window frames! I also noticed that two of the unsupported window frames were cracked so once I get the glue off of them I'll repair the breaks and epoxy some carbon fiber tow to the inside surface to add a little strength.
I realized that I would need to update the rudder shape (Hangar 9 just added a nice fiberglass Super Cub cowl, wheel pants, & a new paint scheme to the J-3 ARF to make this Super Cub) then I noticed that the the elevators and horizontal stab are different as well so they'll also need to be modified! I cleaned up some Piper drawings of the two surfaces sized for my project but I'll have to go to the printer to get them printed up full size for use as templates. I've also been talking with epoxyearl about how to do the complex fuselage / vertical fin fairing on the model (thanks for all the input Earl!).
Then I started looking at photos of N7058 to look for other details I may have missed and see the the aircraft dosen't have the 'eyebrows' (the quarter round fairings at the forward part of the wing root) so I'll have to...Continue Reading
Posted by cubcrafter60 | Jun 05, 2014 @ 12:33 AM | 7,419 Views
Hi all,
Finally getting started on the old hangar 9 100" Super Cub. I was able to get the old windshield off intact but I think the side windows might be too heavily glued in to make removal practical. I'm pretty sure the previous owner used RC56, so I'll have to experiment and see if heat will soften it up a bit. The N numbers were adhesive backed vinyl and came off easily but left an adhesive version of the N Numbers behind, the trim also came off fairly easy and left just a little of the color behind here and there. Some Acetone on a rag made fairly short work of the adhesive & trim remnants. I just need to go around and tighten up the fabric in a few places and cover the slot for the rudder pushrod exit (I'll be using a 'pull-pull' rudder cable set up) as well as dual elevator servos (I'll also need to 'correct' the rudder profile). Next I'll uncover the bottom to install the aft mount plate for the floats as well as cable guides for the rudder cables and a mount plate for the tail wheel assembly (probably the one from the current Hangar 9 Super Cub). I'll also install the Saito 150 (instead of the YS 120) so I can mount the cowl and then install the landing gear so I can see how she look's on those Tundra tires! ~ Robin
Posted by cubcrafter60 | Jun 01, 2014 @ 02:21 PM | 7,505 Views
Hi all,

After straying down a ‘different’ path for a while, I’ve decided to put the Viggen on the back burner for a bit and return to my old favorite, and get my Hangar 9 Super Cub in the air! Progress on it (and my hobby activities in general) has been impaired a bit by a layoff due to a plant closure but I’m back at it again (and in aviation again) and really enjoying it!
Just to update, Last year, I acquired an unassembled (never flown) old Hangar 9 ¼ scale Super Cub 100” WS ARF (100” = quarter scale?) and I wanted to paint it up in a Alaska State Troopers scheme. I contacted their public affairs officer who generously put me in touch with someone in the maintenance department with an interest in RC that gave me pretty much everything I needed to proceed with the build. Next I had Callie Graphics make me up a graphics package that came out really nice and acquired a Robart 690 Cub gear and a set of Airtop 200mm (7.874 or 31 ½ “ in quarter scale) Tundra tires. I’ll just have to make up some bushings to adapt the 3/16” axles to the 6mm axle holes in the wheels. Since all my models except one are electric, I considered converting this to electric and while the power system and ESC are affordable, the batteries (especially if you want to fly three or four flights) are a bit out of reach for me and their size makes charging out at the field impractical. My buddy Lane (northrop n9m, a dedicated I/C modeler) came to the rescue and is loaning me a Saito 150 to get...Continue Reading