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Posted by oldsneakers | Aug 27, 2015 @ 02:42 PM | 1,592 Views
TM1000 & TM1100 Telemetry Installation

I've ruined a lot of batteries from running them down to zero. Just poor book keeping of time on my part. Using telemetry on your plane allows you to fly until your flight battery reaches a min value, and then the transmitter notifies you of this so you can land. I've had great luck with it.

Other than the xbus port, the TM1000 & TM1100 install the same. The xbus port is used for the GPS module and other things. It's not needed for basic telemetry. If you want your TM1000 to be more easily moved to another plane, Installing JST plugs inline on the voltage wire cable makes that easier. Then just rebinding lets you move it to another plane. Horizon has a method of binding the TM1000 to the Rx using a small black tool. I've had issues with that so I just bind both the Rx & TM1000 together at the same time.

1. Solder a male JST to the ESC battery wires at the battery connector.

2. Solder a female JST to the Voltage wire/plug that comes with the TM1000

If you don't want to bother with the JST plugs, solder the voltage leads directly to the ESC battery wires.

3. To bind, plug a 2 way Y servo cable into the Rx Bind port.
4. Put a bind plug on one of the Y servo cable ends
5. Plug the TM1000 supplied Data cable into the other Y end and plug that into the TM1000 data port.
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