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Posted by Capt Crash | Dec 11, 2010 @ 12:26 PM | 1,915 Views
So much for winter here in New Mexico. It's been cold at night, but storms have swerved north and pounded Utah and Colorado. Here it's dry and balmy in the day. I've been getting out to Maloof when the weather is nice and flying with the Gas Guys like Herbie, Vaughn, Dave, and Don. It's nice to kick back and watch the pros wring 'em out overhead. Still getting the Giles dialed in; had to take out some of the nose weight, adjust throws, and further tune the engine. It's running nicely, lots of power, and the plane is a great flier.
Posted by Capt Crash | Nov 18, 2010 @ 07:39 PM | 2,267 Views
The season is wrapping up. Got in a last bit of nitro fun with my buddy and his new Seagull Extra 260. The plane proved to be a solid flyer with all around good manners, and the OS Max 95 is an awesome engine. Here's hoping that winter will provide at least a few nitro friendly days.
Posted by Capt Crash | Aug 13, 2010 @ 10:07 PM | 2,130 Views
Still flying electric, but passed the Megatech Airstrike on to a friend (hope he still considers me a friend after he flies it...). There are three nitro sleds in the hangar now, and the smell of castor oil just puts the right spin on a day at the airport.
Posted by Capt Crash | Jun 29, 2007 @ 11:44 PM | 3,170 Views
Here we go into season three (!!!) of flying a "modified" Megatech Airstrike (or Groundstrike, depending on what a pilot has experienced). Somewhere in the forums is the whole story of how I gutted my hapless Airstrike, replacing the ballast that passed for radio gear with nice lightweight components and a new battery. I used the existing power setup, which proved to be more than adequate, and re-propped the plane, trying propellers from APC and GWS.

I have to say that the GWS EP-7060 (7x6) prop is the best of the lot. It has plenty of pull, but it also will break at the hub when you mess up and chunk the plane into the ground. The Airstrike's power output shaft is a bit on the fragile side; the much beefier APC props tend to bend the shaft on impact. That makes for some fruitless attempts to rebend, followed by the job of disassembling the power assembly up front (not hard, but time-consuming) to install a new shaft. Since switching to the GWS prop, I've gone through a bunch of props, but have yet to bend the shaft again. Nice.

This summer I'm thinking of upgrading the ship to Li-Po batteries. Need to research an ESC that will keep weight low and operations simple. I really don't want to remotor the plane just yet, so no thoughts of using a brushless mill in the front end. I'm just looking for some longer flight times than the current 7 cell 350 mA batt provides. The power setup seems to provide more than adequate power for climbing; the ship sucks up altitude easily at full throttle, and I can putz around the pattern easily at about 70% throttle.

I'm amazed that this little piece of junk is holding together and still flying. Gotta say that the funnest part of flying the Groundstrike is landing; it's easy to set up, and once you dial in a descent, it takes itself right down to the ground, requiring only the slightest of up elevator to settle onto its wheels and roll out.