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Posted by mandevil | Mar 04, 2012 @ 12:49 PM | 3,240 Views
Today we went to a slope and tried some soaring. There was some lift, but not enough to sustain flight, though paragliders were soaring nicely nearby. Maybe the spot I was on wasn't very good. I also crashed a little, but nothing got broken. Then we moved to another location and after quick test I put on my GoPro HD Hero and spent rest of the time flying with the camera attached. I made some 45 minutes of footage (on two batteries). Flying was OK, nothing unexpected happened (apart from my accidental switching off throttle and gliding to unexpected landing), wings were holding just fine, even ESC wasn't sliding off its velcro strip. Great.

Unfortunately, the footage is quite disappointing. The flight is very unsteady and I don't have good idea why it is. I reviewed my previous raw videos and they are definitely steadier. My hope is that the wind was rather gusty and that flying in better conditions will yield better video, but I'm bit dubious about it. Well, I have to wait and see.

I'll post the video when it's ready (that's gonna be at least several day, just first pass of Deshaker is about 6 hours).

BTW, I used up 4150 mAh (in three batteries).
Posted by mandevil | Mar 03, 2012 @ 02:47 PM | 3,069 Views
So finally, weekend is here, so I get ready my new Bixler (after gluing back aileron control horn that came loose after I hand-forced servo... aehm). It's been sunny, but windy and chilly. I made number of launches, testing various modes of flight. Relatively strong wind made it impossible to do any fine-tuning. I tried some aerobatics (loops, inverted flight). My main concern was if the wings are held together sufficiently well. Well, on about two occasions, the wings became partially unlocked, though not completely loose. At home I discovered, that one of the magnets is unglued. So I glued it back and we'll see. Maybe I will need to add more magnets, maybe I need to try something better.

Another little thing is that I use stick-on velcro to hold ESC in place. Unfortunately, the glue starts to flow when ESC gets warm/hot and the ESC gradually slides off the velcro. I used some CA glue and we'll see what happens.

As for the motor performance (Turnigy 2826 2200 KV): I haven't flown my previous plane for half a year so I cannot do a good comparison, but I would expect a little more from motor that has some 140 W of rated performance more. It's hard to evaluate the climb rate with ever present wind, but it doesn't seem to be that radically better. Sure, it's got a lot of power, but it's still not vertical climb. We'll see when I get some calmer day.

Posted by mandevil | Feb 26, 2012 @ 03:21 PM | 2,713 Views
Completing the Build

"We're going to fly it on Sunday!" said my girlfriend on Friday. Well, if she says we'll fly it, you bet we will. Better to get working on the plane again. I haven't done any work during the week, so the weekend was the only time remained.

First I glued in ailerons servos. No problems there, but I discovered, that the push rods I ordered are completely ridiculous -- they might find some use in full size jet fighter, but not in Bixler. They were too thick and extremely stiff -- and of course they did not fit into servo arms. Oh well, I'm sure I ordered them following some list of supplies posted here on RCgroups. Never mind, I will use the original push rods and clevises.

Other job was extending leads from ESC to motor. After some discussion on local forum I decided to disregard all the advice (overwhelmingly in favor of soldering the whole cable run without any connectors at all) and I made set of extension cables. Sure, it's sub optimal, but with my soldering skills it is surely better than trying to solder the whole thing in one.

Now, time to glue in the motor. This was one thing I wasn't completely sure about, as I discovered that snug fit of the supplied plywood firewall means there's quite noticeable axis offset to the right. At first I thought I must do something about it, but then I reread the manual to my previous SkySurfer clone (real manual, not that rag Hobby King includes with the plane) and they specifically mention the...Continue Reading
Posted by mandevil | Feb 19, 2012 @ 03:09 PM | 2,605 Views
Today I continued building my Bixler.

First thing was to glue servos to the fuselage halves. It sounds like 10 minute job, but it wasn't easy at all. The main trouble was attaching the elevator and rudder control wire to the servo and to be, at the same time, able to screw in the servo arm. On the first servo I decided to unbend the "z" bend in the wire, but it is so stiff, that I barely managed to bend it back. On the other servo, I discovered, that it's better to thread the arm on the wire first, than manoeuvre the servo so that the screw can be tightened through the hole in the fuselage. The HXT-900 servos are not pefect match for Bixler and some cutting of EPP is necessary. For which I don't have the right knife, so I was using clumsy cardboard cutter. I glued the servos in with two-sided tape used for mounting mirrors and some smaller amount of hot glue for added security.

This is how the result looks like:

For the wings servos (ie. ailerons), the three-lead servo wire is too short, so extension must be made. After some deliberation and with some input from others, I decided not to bother with servo connectors and cut the existing servo wire and solder the wire in the middle. Seems easy, but for a neophyte hobbyst it was two hours job, since there were 12 soldered joints. This is how it looks:

Preexisting three-wire servo cable is cut, each cut about 1 cm apart.

...Continue Reading
Posted by mandevil | Feb 18, 2012 @ 03:01 PM | 2,287 Views
So, finally, I started building my Bixler. I am complete neophyte as actual building is concerned, so it is going to be a journey of exploration and learning.

The first thing to learn about is soldering. As the Turningy 30A ESC doesn't have any connectors on it's leads, the first task is obvious. Fortunately, my girlfriend gave me all I need for soldering as a Christmas present (I didn't know anything about it, she looked up everything). So I have nice soldering station plus all the supplies and utensils.

My motor, Turning D2826-6 2200kv outrunner, has 3,5 mm connectors on it, so I soldered matching female parts. These hollow connectors were no problem, just heat them up until solder melts, fill them with it and then sink the leads into the molten solder.

The other end, towards the battery, was a little more difficult. I use XT60 connectors for batteries, so I started heating the metal piece for the same process as with the 3,5 mm connector. It took forever and the result was, that the plastic of the connector melted and the metal pin became dislodged. Oh well, next time I solder the connector with the opposite piece plugged in and by simply melting the solder directly and filling the cavity with the melt.

After I was done with soldering, I needed both to verify my soldering job and to bind my new receiver with my transmitter (remember, I lost my plane, so the RX was lost as well). Amazingly, everything worked without a hitch, binding was successful, motor works, all the HXT-900 servos work. Looks like I am all set for further assembly.

For tomorrow, I'm planning extending servo cables. I have yet to decide whether I will try to make new connectors or will cut the existing cable in the middle and solder the wire in the middle. The other thing I'm considering is to stiffen the horizontal tail surface with a carbon rod.
Posted by mandevil | Jan 11, 2012 @ 01:29 PM | 2,500 Views
Finally used the weekend to edit my last video from my Beta 1400 (my previous RC model that I crashed on a tree) -- it's from August 2011. You can watch it on YouTube here, but seriously, if you want sharp video with sound in-sync, do yourself a favour and download this 80 MB file. For some reason YouTube not only reencodes the video to look like crap, but it also desyncs sound.
Posted by mandevil | Dec 24, 2011 @ 07:10 AM | 2,460 Views
As I wrote on the day before yesterday, my two Bixler kits have arrived. Well, yesterday I managed to cut my left thumb while packing Christmas presents. The cut bled like hell and it took some suturing. Unfortunately that means I will be impaired for about two weeks and so the building of my plane will have to wait.

Anyway, I unpacked one of the boxes to see what's actually included. I was mainly worried about motor mounting and here I was pleasantly suprised: included is assembled plywood firewall with holes and screws that fit my motor (Turningy 2826). But there's but -- the motor itself doesn't fit into the pylon. So it looks like the only option is mount it so it is outside of the pylon (or maybe only partially outside, we'll see). After checking the mounting, I noticed, that the axis of the firewall is quite off the fuselage axis -- slight off-axis angle would be probably OK, but this looks like way too much. I'll see how I go about this.
Posted by mandevil | Dec 22, 2011 @ 03:30 PM | 2,888 Views
Two days before Christmas, two Bixler kits have finally arrived. So it looks like I will be able to start building the plane during the holidays.
Posted by mandevil | Dec 01, 2011 @ 05:42 AM | 2,670 Views
Yesterday, another package arrived - this time it was package with three LiPoly batteries from Hobby King German store. That was the package that originally contained two Bixlers, that after long time I was forced to remove from the order and reorder them from Hong Kong. That package is already on its way as well. So maybe I'll have everything before Christmas, if I'm lucky.
Posted by mandevil | Nov 25, 2011 @ 02:42 AM | 2,534 Views
Today, exactly two months after ordering, the first package from Hobby King arrived. It contains parts I will use to build my Bixler. Among other there is ESC (Turning Plush 30A), outrunner motor (Turningy D2826-6 2200 kV), replacement receiver for my HK-T6A TX.

The other package containing two Bixler kits and batteries is still on hold since Bixlers are back-order in Germany store. I'm going to cancel that order today and reorder from Hong Kong (which will incur extra cost and delay due to customs, sigh). At any rate, I will be lucky to start building in January.
Posted by mandevil | Sep 26, 2011 @ 04:53 AM | 3,074 Views
I decided to give it a try and document my forthcoming Bixler build here.

I have been flying another SkySurfer (branded as Beta 1400 in local market) since the beginning of 2011). It was my first plane and I learned basic flying with it. Later I added GoPro HD camera for aerial videography and also dabbled a little in thermal and slope soaring. The plane repeatedly crashed in the early period, but I always managed to repair it into working order. Unfortunately, in August 2011 during landing attempt the plane ended on a high tree, from which we never managed to retrieve it. So I need to replace the plane with something suitable for video. After some searching, I came to conclusion that I just need the same plane. Meanwhile, Beta 1400 switched to V2 SkySurfer design, which did not seem to be well suited to my needs (moving battery further back blocked by servo beds). That left me with one option, Hobby King Bixler, which is still V1 SkySurfer design.

So I have ordered two Bixlers in kit form from Hobby King in one package from German store about three weeks ago. I ordered two to have source of spares (or the possibility to build another one if I manage not to need them). So far, this order is still in "backordered" state. The other package containing all the necessary parts including motor and ESC were ordered this past weekend. Unfortunately, there are also backordered items, so it is virtually assured that the Bixler won't be ready for my October vacation.

Also, I have disassembled two old hard drives and got three strong neodymium magnets that I hope to use as wing safe-locks.