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Posted by cadcyg | Jul 16, 2015 @ 03:49 PM | 612 Views
I wanted something different and out of material you could buy online. I don't own a 3D printer so it had to be simple and be able to cut out with wood working tools.
Here is the second design I made in Autocad Inventor. I am calling it the the Flying Frog. The acrylic is from Amazon and around 4 dollars a sheet. The templates are made in Autocad. I plan to keep the weight down to 450 grams. I will do a build log on this and update this thread with information as I begin to design and build it.
The first plates were cut this week. After some consideration I decided to move the plates to the red design. The escs will be placed on the bottom board. The motors will be Turnigy 1806-2280kv Emax Motor Set Of 4 CW/CC
460 grams of thrust x 4s gives me 1,840 grams of thrust. I figure if I use 6040 props and calculate the maximum thrust of 450 grams x 2 x 1.2 (safety factor) 1080 grams of thrust (should) get it too hover. That would be a close 760 grams difference. With this design I could go add less parts to keep the weight down. There are quite a few studs and I may be able cut some out.
This is not a racer or something for FPV. It is something different.
Here is what I have so far. Waiting on more stuff to arrive in the mail.
I have the motors, 12 amp escs, props, and studs.
I am waiting on the glue resin, the heat bender, the kk2.1 board, 2mm bullet connectors, and the distribution board so I can solder new bullets to the board when it comes in the mail.
Posted by cadcyg | Nov 03, 2013 @ 04:28 PM | 1,819 Views
I am going to share with you some of my work I have done over the years on my little and big planes. I am getting better at flying, but when I was not so good I concentrated all of my time into decorating them. Now I can fly most of em.

Hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do
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