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Oregon Craig's blog
Posted by Oregon Craig | Mar 10, 2012 @ 05:20 PM | 818 Views
I've had this thing here running on a glow .46 for many years. It shows, as it is beat!

Well, now it's gone E!

A Turnigy SK3 4240-740 with an APC-E 11x5.5. A Hobbywing 60 Amp speed control. A GensAce 5S 4000.

I had to push the battery all the way forward in the fuel tank compartment and even then I needed two ounces of lead as far forward in the "cowl" cheeks as I could get. Balances right on the wing spar, just like before.

I made some blocks out of foam that had the outside dimensions of the fuel tank compartment, then I made a battery shaped hole through the foam. Shoved it in and now the battery slides in snugly, but hits the firewall fairly easily. To keep it from sliding back any, a nice velcro strap.

I also added a SharpRC ArmSafe, since I did not make a hatch. I can shove the big lipo in, put the wing on, and then when I'm ready to fly, just use the ArmSafe plug which I mounted where the flight battery switch used to be in the glow days.

The 2 inch standoff spacers came from an online electronic supply joint that I often use in my professional life. Worked slick. The slight down and right thrust is built into the firewall, so I still have that.

Maiden? Well, if it stops raining and blowing. I know the plane flies well, I'm really jazzed to go E with it.

In my wattmeter test, I stopped 3-4 clicks shy of WOT cuz I didn't feel my holding the plane method was safe. I read a peak of 527 watts at around 26.? amps. The motor is rated at 50 A supposedly, so I was willing to go to 40 if needed. I have a supply of props to try, but the 11x5.5 will be the maiden prop. I have it balanced and it sure feels as if it wants to fly!

Weight is 81 ounces or 5 pounds 1 ounce, ready to fly, with the lipo full of electrons!