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Posted by ckleanth | Jul 26, 2015 @ 11:09 AM | 1,288 Views
I started this hobby when I was 14, found a high wing trainer (that had seen better days) at my grandad's that belonged to my uncle. I gave that model some love and attention and went with my uncle to fly it only to be smashed to bits by its owner. I then decided i was better off buying a dave brown sim, in which tought me orientation and gave me the basics to start flying. I started with glow trainers and a few low wing sports planes only to pause the hobby when i went to uni.

Life and family came first and it was only five years ago (2010) when I came back to the hobby. I bought an FMS corsair electric. Thinking "I know how to fly this will be easy"... yea right. I managed to get the thing on the ground ripping all landing gear from the fuse. it never flew again and I immediately grew a dislike for warplanes

I then bought a Top Gun Park Flite MX2 3D 1400mm EPO (HK also does it) this got flown once and my wife killed it (long story and to be fair she was heavily pregnant/hormonal etc)

I had a Top Gun Park Flite Stratus Trainer (motorized small glider thing that end up on a tree. I rang my local friendly firebrigade and they kindly offered to hose it down and obviously the plane came down in pieces. I decided not to stuck planes up on trees again...

I then started with cheap HK stuff as most and then realised I was wasting my money on HK planes. I bought an EF extra 48 which I smashed to bits, then an ADX which I smashed and bought another and together with...Continue Reading