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Archive for February, 2012
Posted by sid.huang | Feb 20, 2012 @ 07:13 AM | 17,302 Views
-----------------------rangelink tx-------------------------
v1.03 First Customer Release.
1.fixed interference with vrx 1.2GHZ system.
2.support futaba radio 12ch ppm mode (only at teacher mode).
{Only tested with 12FG}
v1.27 add new feature link quality indicator / rf rssi indicator selectable (on rssi pin)

1. Pan /Tilt will be map to ch8/ch9 ,for 8ch RC radio.

-----------------------rangelink rx-------------------------
v1.06 First Customer Release.
1.change rssi(packet rate) to rf rssi. range (0-3.2V)
2.reduce the fs setting request(3-6s).
New batch<after 2012-03> change the internal buffer, improve the driving circuit capacity. and improve the internal RC filter, because some OSD input very low impedance,like eagletree OSD PRO less 5Kohm. and some OSD input not include filter (HW filter or digital filter), so it will make the rssi unstabitily.

v1.24 add new feature link quality indicator / rf rssi indicator selectable. (rssi pin)

1. output some info over the uart port, just like link status, rssi ect.
if you need more info about uart protocol ,just email to us.

// --------------------------------------------------------------------
// UART CFG: 9600bps 8+N+1
// <<tx ascii
// STX + 'm' + packetRate + mixInfo + Vrssi + checkSum + ETX
// 1 +1 +2 +2 +2 +2 +1 (11bytes)
// mixInfo<2:0> = g_...Continue Reading