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Posted by sid.huang | Feb 20, 2012 @ 06:13 AM | 20,200 Views
4/8 CH RX:
1. sensitivity improve.
rv v2-v2.20.hex is for 8/4ch rx;
1. sbus will output fs state when rx fs actived.
2.improve power dissipation, down to 55mA;, include the v2.11 fw for rangelink tx,
-with some changes:
tx fw v2.11 with follow channges
- pause/continue the headtracker when short pressing the tx button.
- active / de-active the override settings when press down and hold the tx button until the beep up.

short press : less 0.8s
ON/OFF the override settings: ~0.8s - BEEP
FS settings: ~4s - TX LED off

-----------------------rangelink tx-------------------------
v1.03 First Customer Release.
1.fixed interference with vrx 1.2GHZ system. futaba radio 12ch ppm mode (only at teacher mode).
{Only tested with 12FG}
v1.27 add new feature link quality indicator / rf rssi indicator selectable (on rssi pin)

1. Pan /Tilt will be map to ch8/ch9 ,for 8ch RC radio.

-----------------------rangelink rx-------------------------
v1.06 First Customer Release.
1.change rssi(packet rate) to rf rssi. range (0-3.2V)
2.reduce the fs setting request(3-6s).
New batch<after 2012-03> change the internal buffer, improve the driving circuit capacity. and improve the internal RC filter, because some OSD input very low impedance,like eagletree OSD PRO...Continue Reading
Posted by sid.huang | Sep 30, 2011 @ 08:12 AM | 53,765 Views
rangelink set // 165USD
rangelink rx // 59USD/pcs
chainlink rx // 59USD/pcs

1 ◊ TX module
1 ◊ 433MHz 3dBi 1/4 wave antenna for TX
1 ◊ cable with connector for power supply and PPM input
1 ◊ cable with connector for Headtracker unit
1 ◊ RX module
1 ◊ 24cm 2.15dBi 1/2 wave dipole antenna for RX

Web shop:
================================================== =========
The RangeLink Long Range System (LRS) is a new LRS produced by the designer and manufacturer of the original ChainLink LRS (433MHz/70cm Ham band operation). It offers many new features and improvements including some that are not available on other LRS!

RangeLink LRS has been developed to meet the needs of todays modern FPV/UAV pilots and includes the following features
1: RSSI output function: Letís you know the receiver's signal strength during your flight when linked with an On Screen Display (OSD) that allows RSSI inputs. Many of todayís modern OSD units have this capability.
2: PPM output: For some OSDís with PPM input function, you can just plug one wire for the RTH function.
3: High and Low Power switch: The power switch allows the user to quickly switch from the low power 200mw (which is all you need for most flights), to the high power setting 500mw. It can make your flight safer, because you can switch to high power mode immediately when you get into failsafe, which means you can fly without any device that can get your plane back when...Continue Reading
Posted by sid.huang | Mar 18, 2011 @ 06:09 PM | 27,009 Views
ChainLink Slave(RX) ($79): --- In Stock

1 ◊ RX module
1 ◊ 24cm 2.15dBi 1/2 wave dipole antenna for RX

How to order:

ChainLink Revision History:
Chainlink TX
v1.00 first customer release.
v1.00 first customer release.

Chainlink RX

(all for CL RX HW v1.00):
v1.00 First Customer Release.
v1.20 fixed failsafe issue.
v1.21 fixed sum ppm signal issue.
v1.22 add failsafe cancelable feature.

(all for CL RX HW v2.00):
v1.21 fixed sum ppm signal issue. (order from BEVRC,shipped before i release the fw v1.22)
v1.22 add failsafe cancelable feature. (order from me)


v1.00 First customer release
v2.00 integrate bootloader(fw upgrade over ttl232),Change the RSSI\PPM pin layout.

...Continue Reading