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Posted by RCvehicleGuy | May 26, 2011 @ 03:04 PM | 2,404 Views
Alright well here we are, RCGroups, I got out my graphing paper, straight edge, and a pencil. Time to design! If I can figure it out I will start uploading pics and so on of the plane. But for now I need to design it, at least a rough design. I also have to make a mechanical drawing of my other one that I have put on hiatus for awhile, the Techno. This new one I am gonna hopefully make fly F3P stuff, hopefully. Name for it is gonna be Shadow, at least at this point anyway. Back to my topic, I will leave updates as I go, hopefully at least one person sees this, LOL. If you want to see any of my previous planes or designs on video, check out my youtube channel. RCvehicleGuy.