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dustydonnay's blog
Posted by dustydonnay | Mar 03, 2011 @ 07:57 PM | 5,095 Views
Hello dear visitor,

Welcome to Dusty's build log for the most amazing f-117 foam edf.

Im normally a helicopter jockey. I have played with planes some, crashed a plenty, destroyed a couple. Not a beginner with the planes, but nothing the pilot I am with the choppers. But I dont get out to the feild much. If I had a plane that could do VTOL, I would be set. Plan......crazy as it may sound. Build and EDF with eneough power and control to go full VTOL! Yet capable of laying down on a runway with finesse in the hands of a heli jock! I figure if I do this right, I should be able to hand launch and hand catch this bird in vertical hover. Having taken into account that there will be ALOT of servos- Huge ammounts of electricity and a monsterous bec are keypoints of the build. Using navigation lights and strobes from RAM to help keep orientation blues form visiting these old eyes.

Plans are:

Starting with Lanxiang F-117 70mm edf.

Im planning on eventually using this same product as a core for a fiberglass mold. As an all fiberglass model in the final product. Will be using the foamy to perfect as much of the details as possible.

Spektrum AR9000 Reciever (driven by JR PCM 10SXII Heli radio with Spektrum Module)
70mm Skyworld EDF JP-700II with 8 blades
4s2p A123 M1 battery sytem 13.2v(14.8 hot)/4600mah 30c (have been up to 6s in thought, but seems like an awful lot of overkill?)
Still deciding on esc, open to suggestions.
Castle Pro BEC 40a
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