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warbirdfan1's blog
Posted by warbirdfan1 | Mar 14, 2012 @ 10:24 PM | 2,331 Views
A few of you saw my first post about my bad experience so I thought I would post a great one now. As you can tell from my username I am a huge war bird fan. I decided to try my luck with some EDF action. During my search I ran into a fellow rc enthusiast on this site. He was selling a P 51 and I wanted to get it for a friend. During my call with this pilot I was amazed at his knowledge of EDF jets and his willingness to share. By the end of this call I had not only purchased the p51 but also purchased site unseen a F100 super saber with a 90 mm fan. He included a charge adapter and batteries at what could only be explained as an awesome deal. We agreed verbally and my friend drove 200 miles today to pick both planes up. My friend was as pleased as I was. The reason I'm sharing this is after the idiot the other day I was pleased to find this pilot to be extremely helpful and loaded with character. Thanks V. For everything! You have renewed my faith in this site after a bad expeiance!
Posted by warbirdfan1 | Mar 13, 2012 @ 03:27 PM | 2,350 Views
Just wondering if others are having trouble buying planes on this site. Twice I have had people refuse to sell me a plane after I was willing to pay up to 150.00 extra for shipping and Packing. One "motivated seller" actually accused me of being a scam artisit... Would love some feedback here as I have sold multiple planes on the site without issue, but paying for one seems to be a challege. Any positive, constructive feedback would be great!