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Posted by geives1 | Dec 05, 2013 @ 02:03 PM | 1,361 Views
So I've been playing around with my TBS Discovery for some time and really love it, here is how I have it setup:

Update 3/20/14: My modded Discovery is coming in at 4.25lb (1.93Kg) w/a 4200mAh 4s on board. Minus the pack 1.54Kg. Getting about 8-9 mins of mixed flight.

Update 3/12/14: Have now switched to Xaircraft SuperX Controller
Update 3/12/14: Have now switched to MT2216x11 900kV motors
Update 3/12/14: Have now switched to Xoar 9x5 props

Update: 1/15/2014: Added 3rd party Brushless Gimbal

TBS Discovery Frame
F450 hardware and 4 arms
DJI MOTOR 2212 920kv (c)
HobbyKing F30A esc's flashed with SimonK
Naza Controller w/GPS (Have now switched to Xaircraft SuperX Controller)
Graupner 9x5 (also have a set of Xoar 9x5 which I am now running)
JR R921 receiver (Now running DragonLink system for the RC link)
Added lighting system via a Pulolo 12V step down as I run 4S and a tiny brushed speed control so I can switch on off & act as a dimmer off a slider on my JR11x

Immersion RC 600mw VTx 5.8ghz & Lawmate 2.4ghz
Immersion EzOSD
Pixim Orca Camera
GoPro Hero Black 3+ for fligh recording

FPV - Ground Station
Immersion 5.8 Duo Diversity & RMRC 2.4ghz filtered
9" Phillips screen
Fatshark Dominators

Turnigy 4S 3300mAh (8 mins flight time - no gimbal)
GensAce 4S 4000mAh (8 mins w/gimbal)
RMRC 4S 4200mAh (8-9 mins w/gimbal)
RMRC 4S5100mAh (9-10 mins w/gimbal)

Klinkeraerospace 3D printed gimabl
Witespyquad V5 Control board
Gimbal Motors - iFlight iPower GMB2208-80T