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Posted by Daryoon | Nov 25, 2015 @ 03:02 PM | 30,591 Views
Let's get a thread started on this topic. With the community, we should be able to come up with the best set up for a X-version of the popular ZMR250.

I dubbed my prototype ZMRX. And have made two for myself and helped others locally make their own.

So instead of all the questions and answering being spread out between Hacksmods, email, PM and Facebook... let's keep it all here.

Hopefully, this thread is the inspiration for your own ZMR frame modding.

I just cut a new one for a friend. This time, I was smart enough to grab the action camera and hit the record button.

Here it is in real time. No editing or extra production value added. LOL

Part 1 Lower/Main Plate:
ZMR 250 to ZMRX Frame Conversion - Lower Plate (6 min 9 sec)

Part 2 Mid Plate:
ZMR 250 to ZMRX Frame Conversion - Mid Plate (6 min 3 sec)
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Update 2018-09-04 - Nowadays, the chinese manufacturer have taken the multimodule project and made a 4in1 board that you can fit inside the Devo 7e, adding the additional transceivers for all the protocols. This allows you to have one antenna that is switched between the module. The internal RF module is redundant, so you'd remove that. That's my recommendation.
4 In 1 RF Module For Walkera Devo Transmitter

Alternatively, you can purchase the 3in1 module and leave the internal module in place. You'd have two antenna in this scenario.
3 IN 1 Wireless Module for DEVO Transmitter

All the pertinent info and help can be found on the DeviationTX forum:

Original post kept below for historical reference...
My quick primer. Most, if not all information here applies to the other Deviation supported radios such as the Devo 6s, 10, 8s and 12.

But since I have the Devo 7e, I will refer to that explicitly...

The Devo 7e is a unique radio in that it's small and feels well built. Upgrade it with the opensource Deviation firmware and it has no rival in it's class. It will be the closest thing to one radio that can fly most r/c protocols.
  • Walkera WK2401/WK2601/WK2801 protocol
  • Walkera's current Devo protocol
  • Nine Eagles J6 protocol
  • DSM2 compatible
  • DSMX compatible

Additional protocols supported by installing module:
  • Hubsan protocol
  • FlySky protocol
  • HiSky protocol
  • WLToys
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Here's one way to mod the Syma battery to use the E-Flite/Parkzone style battery.

  • Take the charging circuit from the stock Syma s107s.
  • Solder on a mini/pico/parkzone adapter You can glue down to secure the connector even more. I used medium CA.
  • Solder on a couple of legs from LED to reach the positive and negative terminal. Creative bending and extra solder at right angle corners help add strength.

I put a piece of foam in the battery tray to have a flat surface, from which you can use fiberglass carpet tape as I have. Or velcro as you see fit. The battery actually get's secured up against the plug because the canopy pushes up on it from the rear. You can get creative here if you'd like.

I hope this inspires your own ideas. Definitely share if you have any. I already have a second version that let's you slide the battery in at a diagonal with the board and plug towards the nose of the heli. This requires cutting a slot in your battery tray to securely hold the battery charging circuit board at the right angle. Some people might prefer that orientation better. When I get a chance, I'll mod my second heli this way as proof of concept.

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Posted by Daryoon | Aug 21, 2012 @ 12:46 PM | 50,399 Views
When setting up your transmitter stick MODE on the FS-TH9x, Turnigy 9x, Eurgle, IMAX-9x, etc... you get prompted a question "THRO REVERSE?"

Here is how to answer it appropriately...

First, the steps to set your transmitter's MODE:

Go to [STICK SET ] in your System Settings. Select the Mode you fly, i.e. Mode 2. Press the menu button to set and go to the next screen.

When you get prompted "THRO REVERSE?"

menu button = YES
exit button = NO

The following is info pertinent to the WL Toys v929...
The way you answer the above changes the way you set the Throttle Channel.
  • If you hit the menu button to answer YES, then in the [REVERSE] menu, you have to set both your Elevator and Throttle to reverse. Just like the YouTube video said to do.
  • Now, if your answer to that question was NO, using the EXIT button. Then in the [REVERSE] menu, the only channel you needed to reverse is Elevator. Throttle should be set to normal.

For confirmation, I just checked on my Turnigy 9x with er9x firmware. The only channel I had to invert/reverse to fly the v929 is the Elevator channel.

Hope that all makes sense. And for the rest of the community, we need to be careful on how we instruct new Turnigy/TH9x user who's trying to program their radio for the v929, v911, etc. Whether the throttle channel needs to be reversed depends on how they answer the "THRO REVERSE?" question during stick mode setup.
Posted by Daryoon | Aug 12, 2012 @ 04:25 PM | 42,188 Views
I made a blog post on magnet wire here with some trips on using magnet wires.

Click on this link for the full post on the topic: Magnet Wire Tips and Tricks
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Building canopy out of paper is a form of paper crafting, in particular...paper craft modeling. There's a wealth of info out there on the topic if you Google.
nCPX TDR out of color cardstock. $0.12
Here's good video tutorial on the basics of cutting, folding and gluing by Yamaha motors of all places. Once you've view those short instructional video, you will automatically have all the skills that I use and took time to discover on my own. Wished I had know about those videos early on.

Yamaha Motors: How to make Paper Craft Models
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I just tried a 9958 motor (rev 2: blue, red wires) versus a mSR X motor versus white cap Bravo SX motor. All using 8teeth pinion.

On a stock 9958 with stock 9958 blades...

9958 rev2 (5g): 58.5g of thrust.
mSRX (5.7g): 61g of thrust.
BravoSX (5g): 63.5g of thrust.

I hooked up 4 Eflite 25c 150mAh in parallel and charged all 4 cells between each test. So the voltage should all be stable. I wanted to see peak thrust output.

The tail motor wasn't running.

However, if the tail motor was left to run, the stock 9958 motor went from 58.5g to 54.5g.

The mSR X motor was almost a gram heavier than the Bravo SX motor. This is because it's 23mm versus 20mm.

Now, I wonder the difference between a black capped BravoSX motor versus the white capped one.

caveat: The 9958 and mSRX motors are used. The BravoSX was new. I'll take a look a new mSRX motor I have in my possession.

Posted by Daryoon | Feb 08, 2012 @ 05:27 PM | 44,719 Views
Just a summary of some post with battery discharge test of popular 1s LiPo used in the micro helis. For easy, future referencing...

Not sure which post you're referring to...but here are two of mine for your reference:



Here's one by Mulder_


Lastly, here's a granddaddy shootout with Internal Resistance measurements as well.
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I summarized the weight differences between the available replacement gears for the v911 as well as the weight.

And here's the main shaft weight differences.

relevant post: http://www.hacksmods.com/2012/02/v91...-alternatives/
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It's unfortunate that the mCX is the heli Great Wall chose to get their "design inspiration" from. Because of this, some technology advancements didn't make it over to the 9958 or 9998.

As we already mention, the Swashplate only has one ball position. The newer mCX2, mSR and Solo Pro has two ball position. A long one and a short one that you can switch between to modify the response of the heli would have been very helpful.

Another factor that I haven't seen mention yet is the body grommet. The 9958 chose to go with the rubber o-rings to mount the body onto the frame. It uses a total of 8 of these rubber o-rings to secure the body to the frame.

Newer helis have rubber grommets that is fixed into the body itself. I like this style better because the o-ring were really easy to lose during crashes. And during repair, they are easy to misplace.

So if you are ordering your heli from a place that happens to carry Nine Eagle parts, consider picking up a set of their body grommets.
  • Once you have the Nine Eagles body grommets, use a 3/32" drill bit to enlarge the holes on the 9958 body. I like to use very light pressure to allow the drill bit to actually do the work. Pushing too hard will raise the plastic instead of cutting. A even better tool would be a body reamer. Make sure to clean up the hole with a xacto knife.
  • With the holes on the 9958 body enlarged, fit in one of the Nine Eagle's rubber grommet. (I do this easily with a fine pair of tweezers.
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To adjust the servo arms mechanically, means you trim the heli by lengthening or shortening the servo linkages. Instead of using the trims on the remote controller. Doing it this way preserve the full servo throws. Both forward and backwards.

Perhaps others could chime in on better step by steps...but here is a summary of what I do when I first get a heli.

Remember to get the heli up in the air to accurately see which way it's drifting. Keep the heli away from the ground. Otherwise the downdraft from the rotor wash will affect your heli and cause your heli to drift, messing up your result. This issue is evident if you try to trim in too small a room as well. The rotor wash will affect the heli, nullifying your effort.

Step 1a: Reset the remote control's electronic trim back to neutral.

On the 9958 remote, it's about 15 clicks from the endpoints. You can tell when your remote's electronic trim is neutral when you hear a long beep. Note: Only the throttle, elevator and aileron has a neutral trim position. I don't think the rudder does.

Step 1b: Adjust rudder
Rudder trim is responsible for the heli spinning left or right.

Start by giving throttle to get your heli in the air. Ignore the forwards/backwards or any tendency of the heli to slide left/right. Use the rudder trims on the remote to get the heli to stop rotating. Once the nose of the heli is pointed in one direction, you are ready for mechanical trimming.

Mechanical trimming

Step 2: Trim out the...Continue Reading
Posted by Daryoon | Oct 15, 2011 @ 11:52 PM | 44,763 Views
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