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Posted by fyrechaser | Mar 10, 2014 @ 03:21 PM | 2,066 Views
I have just built my first electric plane, it is also my first foam plane. I got the idea from Ed at Experimental Airlines. It is called the "Noob Tube" and is made from Dollar Tree foamboard. The plane is finished and is ready to fly. Electric power is new to me so the process of choosing all the components of the power system was a bit confusing. With a little study and running my set up by some folks here on RCG for approval, I feel good about what I wound up with. Looking forward to the maiden flight, and will report the results.

Mar 11th
Maiden flight: It was a short one......way too much travel on the ailerons, barely able to control the airplane in roll axis. Brought it down and broke a prop. Didn't bring a spare ( that was dumb) so I took it home and worked on reducing the throws and added some expo.

Mar 12th
Second maiden: Wind was terrible and gusty to boot. Should have put it back in the truck and went home, but I just had to scratch this itch! I was pleasantly surprised with very docile handling airplane even though it was getting buffeted by the gusty wind. It penetrated very well at 1/2 to 3/4 throttle. Aileron rolls were a little slow to my liking so increased the throws by 15% and I'm happy for now.I have to say though that it wasn't much fun in that much wind.

I hope the wind gives me a break in the morning so I can try this again in a little more relaxed atmosphere.

Mar 13th
Got up this morning and the weather was perfect "NO WIND"....Continue Reading