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Posted by accel8or | Aug 16, 2014 @ 06:58 PM | 1,670 Views
It's funny how people would come to the field, make visual judgements and determine who can and can't fly worth s***t.

Most people will think right away that I can't fly. And then they watch me and they know they're wrong.
Posted by accel8or | Aug 16, 2014 @ 06:52 PM | 1,577 Views
I figured out what was wrong with the Adagio's flaps. I re-routed the flaps wires to go underneath the carbon wing tube and as far away from the aileron wires as possible and as far from the esc wires as possible. It works instantly.
Posted by accel8or | Aug 12, 2014 @ 11:54 PM | 1,241 Views
Oh God, don't buy the Adagio yet!
The instruction manual is just awful. It has no instructions for which port on the receiver is ailerons, or flaps. You have to download the manual for the receiver to find out. The flaps don't work, but everything else does. And get this: In order to get the AS3X working, you have to download an app for your smartphone. This sucks. Don't buy the Adagio until they get their s*** together and make a Youtube video on how to set the damn thing up!
Posted by accel8or | May 05, 2013 @ 11:23 PM | 2,665 Views
Motor: Himax HC3516-0840, 840kv motor, 35.2 x 42.2mm size.
13x4 prop, GForce 2200mAh 40c/3s lipo.
At full throttle: 25.8 amps peak, 278.6 watts peak, 10.8Vm, 0.16 Ap, 11.53V at lipo battery source.
Posted by accel8or | May 04, 2013 @ 04:48 AM | 2,117 Views
I just found the perfect tailwheel assembly for parkflyer planes. If you fly the Tower Hobbies F6F Hellcat, you know it could use a much more durable tailwheel. Well, I've found one from Hobby-Lobby online. It costs $4.79. The photos show what it includes and nothing more. The wheel itself is made of metal with a rubber tire.
Posted by accel8or | Apr 17, 2013 @ 09:27 PM | 1,992 Views
If you like to build and fly epp planes, you would know that plain old c.a. is okay to use, and Welder's is one of the best choices to use for epp. But did you know that Goop is almost the same? The only difference is that Goop seems to be thicker than Welder's. This is what both glues look like in their tubes:
Posted by accel8or | Apr 16, 2013 @ 09:40 PM | 2,140 Views
Re-trim not needed, even in a day that saw 20mph + winds. Using an EMP 10x7 prop, my static run-up tests show 28.88 amps peak @ full throttle, producing 310 watts. At half throttle, the motor is drawing 12.22 amps peak, and producing 136.8 watts peak. After a 4 minute test flight, my 2200mAh 30c 3s lipo (GForce) had 3.99, 3.99 & 3.99 volts. I could have flown the T28 another 2 or 3 minutes. I set my timer to 6:00. The plane "feels" lighter in the air and responsive, without feeling "out of control." I like this setup the best.
--16 April 2013
Posted by accel8or | Apr 11, 2013 @ 11:22 PM | 2,322 Views
This motor's been used by Bob (rgthd007) on his Fun Cub, spinning a 13x4 prop (!) and a 40 amp esc. Now, the Hobbyking website lists the maximum amps at 22, but in reality, the max is 32 amps. Bob did a power test and here are the results: at full throttle (13x4 prop) the motor is drawing 29 amps. At half throttle, the motor is only drawing an amazingly small 2.10 amps/25 watts with the same 13x4 prop! Maximum power at full throttle is 311 watts.
Posted by accel8or | Feb 20, 2011 @ 09:05 PM | 3,202 Views
This is the plane that flies when it's too windy to fly. Nobody except a few
3D guys and jets show up at the field when the wind is blowing. My MS Composit Mustang is all-epp except for the rudder and horizontal stab, which are made of a depron-type foam. The fuselage is 1 inch thick epp. This Mustang's motor is from a Sky Fly Max plane, putting out 27 ounces of thrust with an 8x4 prop and 1800mah 3s lipo.
The a.u.w. for the P-51 is 13.75 ounces with the 1000mah 3s 11.1v lipo.
Posted by accel8or | Feb 06, 2011 @ 06:29 PM | 2,603 Views
The rc hobby plane market is just full of cheap, cheesy products that could barely fly, or if it can, will only last a few flights. Now, one of my favorite planes are the Cessna high-wings. High wings in general really get my flying interest up, whenever I see one up above.

I was looking for a Cessna 172 or 182-type of park flyer; one that will fit inside my small car. This limits me to a maximum 40-inch wingspan or less. Add to the equation the need for a great-handling, high-quality, good-looking, and reasonably-priced brushless-powered airplane, and it's not that easy.

Luckily, I was browsing Youtube and came across a review for the Gravity Hobby Cessna 182. The reviewer gave it a favorable rating. He just kept saying how nice it flies, how good it looks, the battery compartment, and motor. And I was pleased to find out that the wingspan was only 35".

I love this plane. I never thought a foamie could fly like this. It flies like the large PZ T-28 Trojan.

A photograph of my Cessna is attached. I hope more people would find out about this plane.