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Merkin77's blog
Posted by Merkin77 | Sep 11, 2012 @ 06:54 PM | 1,901 Views
I just got this plane, well-loved but not battered, and for the most part, it's an excellent plane. I'm an intermediate-level pilot, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

Setup for me consisted of finding all the little fractures in the balsa frame and applying some CA. Then I fixed all the little tears in the covering, some from inside even, using a carbon rod and a little 3M book tape. I also bridged a few spans inside the plane where the light ply had been broken, especially the spars across the fuse near where the wings mount.

The balance between strength/weight is a tricky one, and this plane isn't delicate, but it's certainly built as light as possible, so if you're used to ham-fisting a foamie, even when putting components in/out, you'll eventually hear a thin ply breaking sound. Next I popped in an ESC and an RX, and set up the TX according to 3DHS's info. Balancing was easy - you hold her by the wing tube and she should be slightly nose-down.

The wheels are tiny, which don't help at my local site, but you can take off in a few plane-lengths providing you can find a smooth spot (landings are a different story).

In the air, she flies like a much bigger plane. Low rates are almost scale-like in appearance (though the elevator is still a bit twitchy), and she really feels like she's smoothly gliding/cutting through the air. With an Omega 72g motor and a 10x5 prop, it was the perfect blend of sport/acrobatic and 3d. The plane I know that this most feels...Continue Reading