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Posted by R.T.K.F | Yesterday @ 08:22 AM | 920 Views
Hey-Ya again.
Well, finally getting a moment to post a new build log for one of the current projects in the workshop.

The "Wormburner" project came about when I discovered the new Blackbird 3D camera's on RCG.
Initial plans were to mount it onto my "Blackout mini H" as per its build log, but with the design evolution of the "Warclub" project, I found I had a surplus of obsolete parts that needed some lov'n.
This design was literary Macgyvered out of the virtual scrap bin of parts in a day or so, just to mount the Blackbird system as a test bed.
Most of the components were in stock, but I did purchase the new cobra motors to try out and compare to the T-Motors..
I did however have to find a new supplier for the 3K carbon sheet and purchase some test material to cut out the 3 plates in the design.

So here are some pics of its evolution and test fit of the frame parts so far..
Posted by R.T.K.F | Jun 21, 2014 @ 02:19 AM | 1,426 Views

Finally got around to posting a quick over view of the shenanigans from "days of old" for my profile.