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Posted by Rurek | Dec 30, 2010 @ 09:40 AM | 7,080 Views
hi guys, I took up the production and distribution of PCB shield that match the ArduProMini and Nano.
This project is innovative, my and kuba_em own idea. This construction has all the functionality currently available in Alex's MultiWii, such as:
- Li-Po alarm-monitor with buzzer and LEDs
- the possibility of installing diodes that lowers Vcc,
- the independent regulator 5V to power the RC receiver
- possibility to attach pull-up resistors that provides better performance on I2C bus
and other options, such as the choice of the type of power the Arduino and other electronics. It is a very versatile combinations with some bridges and solderings pad onboard.
In addition, consideration to the case wiring and reduced to a minimum, including the number of connectors. Shield Mounting holes have 45mm x 45mm (mikrokopter standard) and the necessary holes for the Wii rigidly with screws and spacers. This concept provides anti-vibration mount to shield the entire airframe with a rubber dumpeners.

IMPORTANT NOTE: PCB Shield for Arduino Nano fits only the ver3.0 of nano board. There is a different pinout assignment with A0-A7 analog pins (pin A0 is close to USB)
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Take a look at it will be a good site to learn about MultiWii copters and buy some cheap hardware solutions for Alex's code such a tested and presoldered sets of Wii components WPM and NK - only proven and well...Continue Reading