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Posted by TheLeabres | May 14, 2012 @ 02:46 AM | 4,496 Views
20 years before God put my soul on Earth, my Dad was a teenager in the Philippines. He watched the sky filled with Japanese Zeros dogfighting against American fighter planes. He got hooked on the fascination with flying machines. Ever since I can remember, Dad sought out the TV documentaries and books on WWII planes.

Growing up, I shared his interest in watching all the TV shows that had anything to do with WWII planes. I saved pennies and built all the plastic models. I tied them on strings and hung them from the ceiling wishing all the while dreaming they really flew and weren't just static models. (Flash forward to now) Some dreams can come true!

For my RC flying experience - started with Hobbyzone Champ Oct 2010 - still flying with 2nd motor, 2nd tail feathers

The rest as follows:
Hobbyzone Super Cub Nov 2010
Hobbyzone Mini Super Cub Dec 2010
GWS J3F Cub (first experience building ARF) Dec 2010
GWS Beaver ARF Jan 2011
GWS J3F Cub (second kit)
Parkzone UM P-51 Jan 2011
Parkzone UM Sukhoi SU-26XP Jan 2011
GWS Me109 ARF Jan 2011
Parkzone UM Night Vapor Feb 2011
GWS Pico Moth Feb 2011, 2nd kit built May 2012
GWS Slow Stick Feb 2011
Air Hogs F18 Hornet (micro size foamie, fun!)
Banana Hobby Sky Surfer Mar 2011
HobbyKing Mini Mustang Mar 2011 (stock speed 65 mph)
HobbyKing SkyFun (Five builds, various mods)
GWS Pico FD Slow Flyer (Fuselage Version) May 2011
Nitroplanes Airfield 800mm P40 Warhawk RX ready (PnP)
HobbyKing Dolphin Micro Sport Glider EPO, 555mm (PNF) June 2011
GWS E-Starter ARF Aug 2011
GWS Formosa ARF Jan 2012
Hobbyking EPO ParkJet MkII (PNF) April 2012
Hobbyking J3 Cub Old Timer Oct 2012
GWS Corsair Nov 2012 (clocked at 54 mph)
Parkzone UM P40 Warhawk
Parkzone UM Spitfire
Nine Eagles Solo Pro 328
Blade MSR X Single Rotor micro heli
Blade MQX Quadcopter
GWS Spitfire
Parkzone SU26XP (!!) Fun plane!
Hobbyking Radjet 800 (Mar 2014, stock speed at 52 mph)
First scratch build project (10 minute crude foamie)
E-Flite UMX Gee Bee R2

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