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Posted by Sideslip | May 17, 2014 @ 12:59 PM | 19,954 Views
I came up with this procedure the other evening. Knowing I was going to do the conversion from one CZC fuselage to another, I was concerned about routing the Y connector leads for the flaps and ailerons. It's a pretty tight area. But I found what I think is a pretty simple solution.

You need one 12" JR servo extension (others may work but I had the JR on hand)

The procedure goes something like this. Feed the bottom end of one Y connector into the right hand slot with a slight bend in the wire about 1/2 inch or so from the plug. Wiggle it a little and get it donw into the fuse. Put one of the female ends into the clip on the blue plastic wing base. Now take the other lose female end of the Y connector and feed it into the fuselage. Reach in through the front battey compartment and help pull it into the fuselage, being very careful not to dent the area around the battery hatch/windshield.

Now go to the left side of the fuse and feed in the male end of the 12" servo lead. You'll need a litttle bend in the wire about 1/2" or so to help it drop into the vertical slot inside the fuse. Once you have that done, you should have enough slack in the Y connector and enough length in the servo lead to pull the two ends into the battery compartment and plug them together. Now you can pull on the female end of the servo lead with your left hand while you help feed the wire up into the vertical slot in the inner fuselage by inserting your hand back in through the...Continue Reading
Posted by Sideslip | Oct 25, 2013 @ 08:57 PM | 3,273 Views
Hey, old guy here. I've never had my own blog before and I'm not sure how active this one will be.

I had been away from RC for nearly 20 years until about 3 years ago. At that time I had no real plans to return to the hobby. My Grandson approached me one day and asked if I knew about RC planes. It seems had been out shopping with his mother ( my only daughter) and they'd seen someone flying RC planes. She told him he should ask me if I would help him learn.

Well I agreed to help, and it turned out that I really did have a interest in getting involved in RC again. My grandson can now fly small trainers and quads but has such a busy schedule between Boy Scouts, school, and church, that we have very few chances to fly together.

This summer my interests have move towards larger helicopters. I now fly a 550E, 600N and 700E DFC align helis.

But I just found out today that my new E-flite Carbon Z Cub is on the way, and should arrive on Monday. This cub works out very well because it will fly on the same batteries that I use in the 550 and 700E helis. All I need to do is change the EC3 on the ESC over to a EC5 or make an addapter and we're in business.

Well that's about it for an intro post in this blog, maybe I'll post next week and have some pics of the new cub.

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