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Posted by Jyester | Sep 28, 2015 @ 08:36 PM | 1,715 Views
Came across a Carl Goldberg models Mig 27 target drone, let me say this it is one big foam plane. The Ws is 66" and the fuse is 77" all foam. I have seen a build blog/log of one of these planes and I must say it was cool, and it had a Wow factor just sitting still. I have seen a few electric puller set-up's and mostly glow, I must say the afore mentioned build was EDF. So I plane to follow in his foot steps so to speak and possibly make my mark also when it come to this plane. The job seems straight forward but I want to include ducting for smoother airflow and maybe some extra speed to boot!!

So my question to any and all builders especially edf guy's where can I find some ducting? I checked EJF but seems they are out of business, but they did have some useful info about ducting. My plan includes a 127mm fan unit, a bearing system for a fully flying elevator, and retracts. Also some carbon reinforcements along the fuse, wing tube spars. Some ply wood formers to stiffen and strengthen inside of the fuse and to hold down the ducting. This will also allow me to run push rods back to the tail section and some servo leads for the rudder and ailerons. As you can see I have been mapping things out.
Power system is next I need at least 14-18 lb of thrust and that might be pushing it, I plan on keeping this build as light as possible so I can get as much speed as I can after all it is a jet!! I saw and here a lot of builders/flyers of these planes are using 61-91...Continue Reading
Posted by Jyester | Apr 28, 2014 @ 06:09 PM | 2,901 Views
Looking for power system suggestions for my fun jet V1. I was thinking a stryker motor or power system but i know i can do better. I'm thinking a hi-max motor or something in the 3000 kv range, with about 500 or more imput watts. I need 100+ speed or faster!! Lets see what people are thinking and help would be appreciated Thanks.
Posted by Jyester | Sep 30, 2013 @ 09:27 PM | 8,195 Views
Before I start I'd like to thank John "the wall" Ryan for passing along a gift. The hobbyking free flight glider has a hotliner look to it and sports a V tail. It's your typical foam glider with a one piece wing and fuse with the V tail being held on with double sided tape. It's super simple to assemble and with the add ballast ball under the canopy it gets a good glide. It would be perfect for any child 5-8 yrs old. I started out with the canopy/cockpit area, cutting out foam with a hobby knife and awl. The task is simple go as far down as you can without weakening the nose. I made the opening about a 1/16 of an inch over a inch wide and 1 3/4 long and about a 1/2 inch deep. You'll see in the pics I have plenty of room. Next I focused on the battery bay/hatch I made it big enough to go either 250mah or 350mah. After removing enough foam I needed to open up a hole to pass wires through into the cockpit where the Esc and Rx will reside. I moved to the nose and mounting the motor. I went with the old tried and true rimfire 200 it has plenty of power and can swing a 7x4 prop. I used a dremel tool after removing about a inch off of the nose. I then took my dremel and a sanding drum and went at the middle slowly so it didn't bite at the foam. As it sunk in I started to move in a circular motion to open up the hole. I then made a hole for the motor wires to pass into the cockpit. I then made a ply disc to use as a mount. I had to trim a little here and there till it fit...Continue Reading
Posted by Jyester | Aug 26, 2013 @ 09:15 PM | 3,792 Views
I bought a mustang from a Rcg user and after opening the box I was amazed! The wing looks, and feels strong and solid. The fuse came in two halves that have to be glued together. Before I started to glue things together I first worked out my power system lay-out. I need stand off to get the motor up front inthe nose of the cowl. I opted to use a PZ 480 and Eflite 30A pro Esc. For servos I went with PZ mg servos for all surfaces. To get my location for mounting the motor stand-offs I simply put the plane halves together with the fire wall in the front. I then place the cowl on after opening it up. Placed a ruler on the fire wall and got the distance and noted the mounting whole pattern. I then took the plane apart laid the firewall on the table and place the mount on top of firewall and marked all four wholes. The placed it back into the halves and noted that both top whole were hidden by foam. So I relieved some foam from the corners of the fuse and bamm! I had what I needed. I then ran down to the LHS and had the owner Joe cut and drill solid stock aluminum. Some 4-40 hex bolts and blind nuts and I had a solid motor mount. So while I was there I started to glue the halves together with FS Ca no kicker! I got as far as the cockpit and stopped. After getting home I made (2) 1/16 ply wood trays 1 for the elevator/ rudder and 1 for the battery tray. I used foam tac clue and gorilla glue to Finnish of the plane. The gorilla clue was used on the battery tray only! I buttoned up...Continue Reading
Posted by Jyester | Jul 28, 2013 @ 06:28 PM | 4,582 Views
I've been flying the visionaire for some time now and I live it. How ever it's lacking in power and I want to move up in prop size so I opted to switch out the stock Eflite 10 motor for a value hobby G25 motor. I tried this motor with a 40 amp esc and it was to much. So I started searching rc groups classified ads and found a hobbywing 60 amp esc for $35. Talk about a deal! I have to get the connectors changed but other than that I think she will fly better than stock. I'm looking for torque not speed so I'm gonna go with a 12x9 or 12x10 prop. The stock prop was 12x5.5 which gets her off the ground and flys her pretty good but if your gonna hover do it in the first few minutes the battery only last about 5-8 minutes of mixed flying. If you can't afford to up grade motor/esc then change the battery to a 2650-3300 pack this will give you the extra flight time and some extra power. The price for the motor from value hobby was $27 think my biggest cost is gonna be the battery I like Tp packs but sky lipo zippy and turnigy a-spec and nano techs are all good batteries is a choice I'm gonna have to make. I will up-date this blog once I get everything worked out. Fly high, fly fast, crash pretty
Posted by Jyester | Jul 27, 2013 @ 01:22 PM | 3,899 Views
this is the esc i was talking about thanks
Posted by Jyester | Jul 27, 2013 @ 01:06 PM | 3,940 Views
these are the motors im talking about let me know thanks!
Posted by Jyester | Jun 01, 2013 @ 07:32 PM | 3,596 Views
I've been hanging with a couple of friends one day a week at a lake here in Mass. This is boat night and I must say the water is calling me. So I decided to try and have the best of both worlds. I'm going to take a converted ar6400 board that I added a brushless set-up to and place it inside the champ fuse. I'm only doing this so I can mount a set of CC floats on it. What I'm working on now in my head is the aileron set-up! Figure I need some small diameter wire for torque rods and a bell crank single servo like the one from the sukhoi. I think it will work nicely! Hopefully this plan does come together. It's suppose to rain tomorrow so I figure good time as any! I think my only possibly issues would be those ailerons! Do I make them full span or keep them outboard on the wing as they are? Could I do a dual servo set-up on a y harness? I know some of you might be thinking about weight, as an issue but this system is lite weight, the board it self is 5 grm, the motor & esc 10 grm. The champ board is about that and I would convert it to brushless if I could??? Help me out here! Has anyone converted a champ board to brushless? This way I could leave the control the same and still have the power need to get off the water. This is just part of the hobby and the reasons why I love it. Fly high, fly fast, crash pretty!
Posted by Jyester | May 29, 2013 @ 07:53 PM | 4,351 Views
I recently came into possession of a visionaire and I'm not a spectrum kind of guy! Me fly futuba, 6J to be exact! The econo box as my flying buddies call it. All of hoom fly yup! Spectrum! Now I'm not downing the radio I had one and lost two planes and that was it for me. Back to the visionaire, she does fly great without the "system" I had to make some adjustments. I dialed down the elevator to 60% because my first flight was eye opening the recommended throws listed for dual rates are spot on except for the elevator. The elevator itself his huge, and I understand the 3D aspect of it. The rudder is big too and at 70% she does the job well. Snap rolls are perfect! Loops almost snap at full elevator! The ailerons are a perfect addition to the alread huge wing, this thing has plenty of wing area without running the number. The motor performs well on stock battery but you might wanna grab some 45-60c 2200 3s if you have a 2500 or in that area your ok as long as you allow things to cool down. The higher C rating allows you to pull all kinds of vertical maneuvers , hover with get out of trouble power. The stock battery soon as you take off hover because a few minutes in and your not going to be able to. Did I mention I'm doing these things without the as3x system! Flying into the wind you get plenty of lift! With the wind she's buffeting feeling the turbulence of flying on a windy day. With the as3x your not going to see it as much. Landings are just as easy as the...Continue Reading
Posted by Jyester | May 21, 2013 @ 06:57 PM | 4,075 Views
It's a rainy day here in the northeast, so I decided to build a v2 of the ray. Flight test have shown that the kf airfoil not needed. After moving the battery forward past the CG and i was still getting a lot of lift into the wind, I could only fly at or below half throttle. The second thing I noticed was how the plane would bank in a turn which leads me to believe the frame was to flimsy 3mm epp with 3mm depron for the LE kf airfoil and some along the sides of the vertical portion as stiffeners. I also used some 1mm carbon rod to stiffen the vertical fin/rudder. V2 will see the same servo set up as in V1 with the battery located on the bottom possibly! I'll keep the Rx and esc on the bottom. Thinking about cutting a box for the battery or opening a box vertical/horizontal square this will add better protection from possible crashes. I'm using 6mm aerocell with flat spar, I'm also going to use hinges don't know if I'm going to use pin type or flat strips with some Fsafe Ca. I like the pin type myself, and tape for the rudder only. Hopefully I will loose a lot of the lift I was getting and she will fly more flat and exhibit a better roll rate as she seemed sluggish. One positive note v1.2 does fly well inverted. I'll post some pics tomorrow . She could possibly be done tomorrow if this weather keeps up. Love this hobby!!! Fly high, fly fast, crash pretty
Posted by Jyester | May 18, 2013 @ 09:04 AM | 5,141 Views
Hello again I have successfully swapped out the fan unit and replaced it with a Rimfire 150 motor. This little motor has proven it self by powering my fox glider. So this plane should fly without any hick-ups, I hope! There are always unforeseen events when testing out new plane especially scratchbuilt planes. This will be fun either way I love it when a plan come together or in this case a plane comes together. Hopefully I can get someone to video this flying session, maybe the wife will hold the camera while I fly!! Fly high, fly fast, crash pretty.
Posted by Jyester | May 14, 2013 @ 07:53 PM | 7,370 Views
The cosmic ray will be dismantled is to much thrust is being lots! The ray flys! The ray also has some bad habits that I'm not going to get in to, but it does fly. Turns were relaxed and on low rates seemed perfect but give full throttle and the placement of the fan to much air blowing above the centerline which I think was causing flutter of the surfaces with may have caused the controls to become in-effective! I say this because the plane did not fly fast in fact it was the same speed as a PZ champ, go figure!! I like to try things, and I love doing it. I will try this set-up in a wing type plane it's a point of size, weight, and finding the rite balance point to achieve flight. As for the cosmic ray I will resurrect her! It! Him! Fly high,fly fast,crash petty
Posted by Jyester | May 11, 2013 @ 04:52 PM | 6,305 Views
The cosmic ray was built to look like a futuristic plane , Having crashed my anylink f-86 I decided not to re-build but create. She looks like something out of Star Wars she's a Elevon and rudder plane the fan unit is out front in the wind and danger if she doesn't fly!!! The front was the only logic placement for the fan unit as most delta wing planes and wing planes period are tail heavy. Having no real weight up front besides the servos, esc, and Rec. I realized I needed the fan out front for balance. Everything electrical is hooked up. Working on control linkages Which sould not be a problem as I have all cennectors from saber. Pic will follow shortly. The fuse is a oval wing shape glide test with for pennies showed a good stable glide without falling of or dropping. Made out of 3mm epp with kf leading edge made with 3mm Cellufoam. The vertical portion of the body has the cockpit out back just in front of the rudder kinda looks like the gee bee race in likeness. Carbon flat spare

with another peice out back for stiffness. The Elevons have 1mm Carbon rods glued to bottom with 1mm carbon rod running span wise. I have a small piece
of 6mm epp up front on the bottom center line as a skid plate. I like the
electronics out of the saber nice and small, light weight servos only weighed 6.6
grams together the fan/ esc weighed about 13-15 grams the Rec. was 3grams
or so. The first flight could be an adventure!! The auw now without battery is 31.5 grms Fly high, fly fast, crash pretty. Later
Posted by Jyester | Jan 30, 2013 @ 09:05 AM | 4,424 Views
I bought a dx5e to try out the micro gear that has flooded the hobby scene. Ar6400 to be exact. I found that the mix does not work for Elevons, the only way to get this to work was with a Dx6i. A friend and hobby shop owner told me the only way to get that mix to work is to put on control surface horn on top and one on the bottom. So I left the aileron horn on the bottom and move the elevator horn on the top of the surface. Connection was made with a step or a larger Z bend which pasted through a slot at the trailing edge of the wing. Low and behold it worked. As I was testing I noted that the travel of the aileron wasn't much but up/down elevator had enough throw both ways. I talk to a friend and after checking things out he said it has to be that way so the servo doesn't get maxed out, because it's acting in two functions in that mix. So if your still trying to get that to work this is how. Fly high, fly fast, cash pretty
Posted by Jyester | Jan 20, 2013 @ 04:39 PM | 4,263 Views
I recently sold a plane that i had built out of 6mm epp. Its in the bug family but with a few twist. So this person asked me to finnish his plane off with motor and electronics. Gave him the list and he came back with a As3x system, i was looking for individual peices not one unit. So i get it all set up making sure everything is working as planned. First lifht we have problems,2nd flight still problems but its getting better. Basically the plane didnt fly rite now everyones bumbimg heads on why? Then out of the blue does the as3x know its flying a wing type plane. Does it know about elevons? Because theirs a mix going the gyros dont realize that this is how the plane was set up to fly the system it self was trying to correct the imputs thinking it was climbing or falling depending on inputs. Does anyone know of a way to get the system(as3x) to function with elevons? Bottom line if we cant figure it out the we start over and take this nice looking all in one unit out and go for esc,rec,servos. Any help would be appreciated Thanks fly high,fly fast, crash pretty
Posted by Jyester | Jan 16, 2013 @ 07:51 PM | 4,578 Views
This past week i've been building from scratch a canard plane. I have always found them to been interesting and unique. So i started out with the main wing. I wanted to keep this plane small and lite weight, as well as able to operate with a AR6400 brick and possibly 2 aileron servos. To operate the elevator out front i will position the brick vertically and place it on the right hand side of the fuse. Looking for a AUW of 30grms with battery. Glide test with 2 pennies have shown me alot and i have figured out that i have to place the brick mid-fuse and battery up front. Motor is mounted in the rear of the plane in a pusher configuration. Weight dry just plane 14.9 grams. Think after i cut some holes into the wing it will bring the weight down by 2grams or more. I used 6mm aerocell 6mm epp and 3mm depron. the epp i used for the canard clued to that is the 3mm spline that runs aft and is part of the motor mount. I also used 3mm for the elevator halves. The main wing and the fuse side are 6mm aerocell. The bottom i will cover with 3mm epp its lite weight and use it for the strip ailerons. Alone its very flexible but joined with tape to a more rigid surface and it stiffens up nicely. I posted some pics along with this entry to give you an idea of size, ws14"3/4 fuse 9'' long 2" wide at the wing tapering to point at the front of fuse. Also the wing is held on with magnets as you will see in pics. will up date regularly as i progress to the first flight. Fly high, Fly fast and crash pretty
Posted by Jyester | Jan 07, 2013 @ 05:45 PM | 4,426 Views
The umx extra 300 3D is a nice flying in-door plane looks even better in the air. Problem is the short life span of this plane because of the 1mm foam that was used. I have successfully built a cloned version of this plane. I used 6mm epp for the fuse (vertical portion). The rest of the plane is made with a combonation of 3mm depron and 6mm aerocell i believe thats what it is. I even used the landing gear and wing struts. The struts allowed me to build this plane with out the need for carbon fiber re-inforcements. I am amazed at the strength this little plane has as well as its weight. To keep things as lite as possible i even used the ailerons and elevator from the crashed up plane that i was give. another mans trash is another mans treasure. I used foam-tac clue and it is some good stuff, bonds fast, dries even faster. It's clear and flexible and can be used to joined control surfaces with the fuse and remains flexible. did i mention that it dries clear! The price is right at $7bucks you can't beat that. I am thinking about making more than a few of these little gems for sale hopefully. looking for an auw of 40 grms or so or even less. Trying to decide on a brushed umx set-up or go with a brushless converted brick that i had done up? The only problem i for see is the battery weight? You'd think they would have come out with some batteries that are lite weight like under 10 grams! most of my convertions almost always rely's on the battery weight. Rite now dry my little extra weights in at 17.4 grams. Any reply's would be helpful as far as battery choices go. Thanks for reading this entry i have uploaded pics let me know what you think. fly high, fly fast, crash pretty!!!
Posted by Jyester | Dec 17, 2012 @ 10:52 AM | 4,389 Views
Happy holidays one and all, the in-door season is well under way. So far this season im having a blast! Scratchbuilt a mini bug and it fly"s "awesome"not bad for a scratchbuilt plane. I also build a plane called the combo because its made with 6mm epp & 3mm depron. I"m using the ar6400 brick out of a suhkoi. Nice and slow she flies, with a little throttle management she will fly for over 5 minutes. I'm working on an extra 300 3D um except i'm making it out of 6mm epp & 3mm depron. the aileron & elevator are gonna be 1mm. Using the parts from the original extra. The fuse wasn't strong at all but the controlled surfaces seem to be very strong. I like building these little planes their a lot of fun to fly and dont take up any space at all. Well thats all for now Marry Christmas & have a Happy New Year.
Posted by Jyester | Aug 09, 2012 @ 05:37 PM | 4,502 Views
First let me say this it is about time some other manufacturer besides spectrum/ horizon put out some small go anywhere fly and time except in rain. I like the fact that I can buy a tx-r plane take out of the box bind it to my tx and fly. This is a karate chop in the fight to be number one.
After charging that battery which is small for it's mah size 250 25c 2s pack I place some Velcro inside fuse and on batt. Placed a dime in front of battery underneath canopy. This was for balancing purposes. Out of the box she's tail heavy! Found that out on the first flight attempt. Now with a gentle push forward and full throttle the plane moves out onces it's up to speed. I did add some expo to ails and elevator, and dual rates. She will roll fast or slow, loop if you pull back slowly on the stick! If not she will stall! If that does happen full down till the nose drops forward. For it's size it does have that wow effect! People like to see her in the air. I have had some quits on the motor in flight but it powers back up inside of a few seconds. The canopy fits nicely but has to be trimmed on the inside cockpit floor must be removed ( not the foam but the plastic black floor inside the canopy). To get the most out of your flight or extended the flight time cut throttle to below half, she will still have enough thrust to fly I get about 4-6 minutes depending on conditions outside. If your looking for something small fast and fun the the anylink system is for you. Plus they have atleast ten planes to choose from and more on the way. The misses I spoke of the stall, dime in the nose and canopy are all minor even the motor issue is not a problem. Think my next purchase will be the albatros bi-plane for the in-door season she looks like fun. If you have one of these planes or want one check them out it's worth it.
Posted by Jyester | Jul 09, 2012 @ 07:50 PM | 4,610 Views
This past week a group of guys from different states were shut out of our belove flying field due to zoning issues. This has been a flying site for over 15 years and have never had a complaint uptil now! I as a pilot enjoy flying I like being in control and I like seeing and talking with the other pilots. I feel as if I've been stripped of a rite to breath or something. The weather is fine blue sun filled skys and no flying. I think that land should be set aside for such activities. Not only is this hobby educational! But it's also a social hobby. Some people belong to local VFW's and Italian American club polish club. Gun clubs, fantasy leagues and so on and so on. The point I'm trying to make is how fast things can change! How quickly a smile can turn to a frown. I feel like it's winter time and I should be building a plane or tweaking it for some in-door fun. This no fly zone is also hurting a local hobbyshop. The owner of this shop is up in arms over this lock-out. Not only is it hurting the season but his business. He not only runs his shop but he also runs the field. He maintains the grass,trash and food being sold support issues. He is the all around guy. What can be done? Is this the beginning of the end? Has anyone out here had similar issues with being lock- out? I'd like to hear from readers on this issue! Thank you for reading these blogs.