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Archive for August, 2012
Posted by DLGjunkyard | Aug 22, 2012 @ 10:28 PM | 15,232 Views
Itemizing components of a composite short kit in pictures for references

Short kit ingredients
ZONE V2 2P Highload 60 wing cores and EDGE tail cores [complete with beds]

-2 pcs Kevlar LE material 3 ft x 3/4'wide [complete with transfer tape adhesion]

-4 pcs HM .067dia. carbon fibre wing spars

-2pc pre-cured 1/4'x 24'x.006 uni-carbon fibre tail feather spars

-2 pcs kevlar tip reinforcement patches [1.7 oz kevlar]

1 pc 1/2' x 24' kevlar tail hinge material [complete with transfer tape adhesion]

-1 pc 3/8' x 36' 1.6 oz glass for tail feather LE`s [complete with transfer tape adhesion]

-1 pc 14 mil Mylars 4ft x 2ft

-1pc 45' x 48' 1.6 oz/yrd [balanced] Fibre glass

-Wing mounting utilizes binder posts and bolts [3 lengths provided with matching bolts]

- 1 pc 3" x 34" strip of 1.7 oz kevlar hinge material [bias cut]

-Kevlar pods, carbon reinforcement in boom tenon and pylon areas
Made with MGS epoxy resin and post cured to 140 f
.620 -.625 O.D. on boom tenon [male]
average weight for the pods are between 26-29 grams
with a matching boom total average weight is between 44-48 grams
This design was made to fit most commonly used mini servo`s with a preference for the dymond d4.7 or hitec hs35 or similar.
Jr 285 are my servo of choice.

-CARBON FIBRE tail booms, Hand rolled using HM carbon fibre layered in light fibre glass
Large end has a .625 Inner diameter tapering down the .350 ID over a 31 inch length.
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