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Posted by Damian Couzoff | Sep 18, 2011 @ 12:21 AM | 6,601 Views
I have been flying my 3.75-4.0 metre span gliders on the slope.I prefer to fly slope,and do not aerotow the 1/4 scale gliders.I am yet to maiden my ASW 27-4.20 metre,and Kestrel 17-4.25 metre at the slope,both these models will be maidened at mount hollowback,and will only be flown there, thereafter.They are expensive model$,and the landing area is large and flat,so it is the best slope for them.UPDATED MARCH 2013-Finally maidened both the ASW 27 and Kestrel 17,both are good flyers,the ASW 27 flies better though.