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Posted by Damian Couzoff | Dec 18, 2010 @ 11:35 PM | 7,729 Views
Just purchased a new unbuilt ARF KIT, S2G-ASW 27,4.2 METRE WINGSPAN.It has flaps,double height 370mm Multiplex spoilers installed,ailerons,elevator and rudder.Total of 5 channels.S2G are no longer,RKM Top Model bought them out.It has foam core wings,sheeted with obechi,oracover over the sheeting..Airfoil is HQ 2513,.Wing rod is steel pipe-18mm in diameter.The ASW 27 will join my other big gliders-DG 808S-4 Metre,PIK 20-3.75 Metre,DISCUS 711-4 Metre,and will be the last addition to the fleet.I will commence work on the ASW 27 soon,there wont be a build log,but will post some pics once its completed.......Updated-16/1/2011-Its completed......Flying weight is 5.550 kg-27.5 oz/sq foot wing loading. NEW-Wing rod is 18 mm diameter aluminium bar,to replace the bent 18mm diameter steel pipe supplied.Extra weight comes from strenghthening the cockpit,wing fairings of fueslage and tail fin and base of fin with fibreglass-the fueslage was like an eggshell,you could twist and buckle it with hardly any pressure applied,Hitec HS 225 MG servos control the rudder and elevator,both located in the fin-direct no slop linkage with accurate centreing.HS 82 MG servos control spoilers/ailerons and flaps.Overall opinion-A tad on the heavy side,at 5.550 kg,wings have no spars,but are glassed,then covered in obechi.There will be alot of outer wing flex as a result.The wing tubes were also epoxied inside the wings,this added weight also-but had to be done-S2G did not epoxy the wing tubes in the wings-which would of resulted in delamination of the obechi and wing root area, as read on rc universe forum.The extra weight means it will need more wind/lift to safely keep above the slope-20 plus knot winds.It will also fly quicker,because of the increased wing loading/weight gain.Well,its completed,after 40 hours work,Will post a pic soon,-