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Posted by Steve85 | Mar 05, 2010 @ 11:22 PM | 6,369 Views
Flying Models Magazine Article Index - 2005-2010

Five years ago I subscribed to Flying Models magazine, and I have to say it's my favourite model airplane magazine. Its strength lies in its wide coverage of all aspects of our hobby, from R/C to control line to free flight and others. It includes great columns by guys who know their stuff, and every issue has at least one plan and a construction article.

After having subcribed for a couple of years, I often found myself digging through back issues looking for an article I remembered. While this was always interesting, since I usually got caught up in reading all the old articles again, it didn't help me find what I was looking for any more quickly. I decided an article index would help me find what I was looking for, and spent a few evenings compiling the attached spreadsheet. It's in MicroSoft Excel format, and you can sort it on any column to find whatever you're looking for.


It seems the RC Groups blog application doesn't support uploading Excel files, so I've renamed the file with a .doc file extension, which tricks RC Groups into thinking it's a Word document, which it supports. To view the index, you have to right click on the file below, and click "Save Target As" to save a copy on your computer. Once it's saved to your computer, rename the file name from FM_Article_Index.doc to FM_Article_Index.xls, and then Microsoft Excel should be able to open it without any problems.

I have to provide the disclaimer that the index doesn't contain every article published in every issue, but it certainly has most of them. Any gaps are to be found in the product reviews, which I only started including as I got near the end of my stack of issues. All the construction articles are here, though, so scratchbuilders may find this most useful. If you enjoy this index, drop me a PM!