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Posted by batfire | Oct 03, 2012 @ 08:55 PM | 6,496 Views

This copter build & blog was created for a request on how to build a reliable and affordable surveillance drone with normal off the shelf equipment for use by small budget PD's and FD's. The copter is designed for really one major function, a high hovering platform for the systematic observation of a particular designated area of interest by visual, electronic, photographic, or other means. The platform may also be used as a communications relay system for short range point to point communications in perching mode.

I have decided to name this copter : "Tarantula"

We begin by listing the equipment which will comprise the drone's hardware portion of the build.


Standard Motor:

IPower 2212Q
Brand: Iflight
Type: IPower 2212Q - 22*12mm
KV- 850
Battery: 2-3s
135W, 400mm long wires with soldered 3.5mm male bullet connectors,
Shaft: short shaft, 3.17 x 41mm
Weight: 65g x 6 = 390gr
Max Current: 12.2A
Good quality motor - perfect for 10x4.5
With a 3s battery we are looking at 460 x 6 = 2760gr of thrust a max (6540rpm) which is equivalent to 6 lbs of thrust. If we go to a 4s battery we can boost our thrust to 8.5 lbs. On this build we will concentrate on the 3S battery for power knowing we have the 4s available for extra power if needed.

Optional Motor:

Shaft Diameter 4mm
Motor Diameter 42x24mm
Weight 70grx 6 = 420gr
Idle Current@10v(A) 0.2
Cells 2S-6S
Max Cont. Current 14.5A
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