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Look for more on this very soon.
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Aug/5/2016 Complete

Yes you heard that correctly. I finally stepped away from Turbo Ace products and Mods to see if new tech has caught up with my wants and desires in a perfect overall copter. This is the first copter not using one of the three XAircraft controller systems or any of my own software programming uploads.

I purchased the newest release of the Q500 4K. Yeah, I’m sure you guys were way ahead of me and quite a few of you may already own a Q500 copter. If you don't, then maybe you have purchased the new Typhoon H 4K with real Sense instead?? (My next copter for sure, unless the price comes way down on the 920, of course)

Some background here:

I had stepped away from the hobby side of copters due to work with the XXX-830 3d cube mapping project which evolved much further than I had ever imagined. I have spent much time working on this mapping project and creating the software needed with the organization which bought the project. While I was away from copters for the last 2 years I seem to have missed a whole new generation of up and coming companies offering fantastic new products.

One of these companies, YUNEEC , not only has dove headlong into this highly competitive cut-throat market but quickly reached the rank of number seven within a matter of a couple of years. That is incredible considering the long standing competition in this field. What is more incredible is the CEO of Yuneec International Co., Limited, Tian Yu, who built this...Continue Reading
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Turbo Ace SuperX eXperimental X-830 Next Generation Quadcopter:

Code Name (TA: XXX- 830)

Goals of this project:

Phase 1. I will be installing the new XAircraft SuperX Flight Control system on-board along with OSD and visual camera system. This flight control system is quickly becoming the most reliable handling flight control on the market today. Pared with the Turbo Ace X-830 should place it light years ahead of other factory quadcopters not only for steadfast reliable performance but also carrying capability in the 3S battery arena. The system also has quite a few automated functions such as auto takeoff, auto return and land and more.

Phase 2. The build will also strive for the maximum flight time of any X-830 built to date with stock motors, esc and 3S battery system. This will allow others to have a starting point and be able to duplicate the copter project at the least expense.

Additional installation of on-board electronics will not be available as a duplication item until after testing completed

Phase 3. Later in the project I will be installing additional electronics i.e... Sonar, IR, laser range finders, IMU fusion system and a homemade designed and programmable rotating 3D mapping system that once operational will allow copter to fly into confined areas while 3d mapping the area. Along with the mapping system the copter will be able to use real-time on-board data to fly through confined spaces without intervention of...Continue Reading
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X-Spider Hybrid All-out hover time duration Quadcopter

I have been in the laboratory hard at work coming up with the copter that will destroy the ( All-out time duration ) competition this year at the Mr. Lifter 2013 Multi Rotor Contest. As many know last year the winner for “All out time duration” was “End of Days” with an incredible hover time of 65:29 minutes. He also won Controlled Heavy lifter and “The Furthest Distance” competitions with an amazing 6.5Km out and back flight. If you see him around the net give him a big at-a-boy for the outstanding great effort and work he put into the project.

What you might not have known though was that the hover flight on one battery was another 30mins longer by MD4-1000 at 1hr 28mins and 1 second on Feb 10, 2012; you can check it out on YouTube.

Urs Meier: "I've seen it... Record flight of microdrone md4-1000. Incredible Endurance!" (2 min 17 sec)

X-Spider Hybrid

The XSpider is designed from the ground up to beat that time by a good margin on a single battery. How? Well let’s look at the hardware being used on the X-Spider copter.

MOTORS and PROPS: MT3506-25 650Kv will be used swinging 16”x4 CW and CCW Xoar wood props. The time estimates along with motor, prop, battery selection were determined after many hours of using not only the eCalc but also the Tetacalc_2.03 programs.

FRAME: The body of the copter comprises of the Turbo Ace hub and aluminum arms. The top and bottom XAircraft Device...Continue Reading
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An Introduction to the Multicopter World

By Batfire

So you have aspirations to learn to fly multicopters? You say you can’t decide whether to build or buy an ARF- RTF version. You say you have no previous experience with helicopters or multicopters but hey you’ve been flying RC airplanes for many years, how hard can it be? Well my response to these questions would be how hard and how costly do you wish to make it?

Building and flying multicopters is very different from other types of construction and RC flying. This type of flying is very rewarding but without a little modest research, self-training, experimentation and an enthusiasm to learn it can be a very costly endeavor. I will strive to explain the process by introducing you into the world of multicopters with this article. I will attempt to illustrate certain options available to you and the rationalizing for each.

I Want It All

I realized after the number of threads I have browsed on RC Groups and other net groups that many of you come to this segment of the hobby for the photographic and FPV possibilities. You like what this platform has to offer but you have little or no flight experience in multicopters.

When it comes to photography many desire a large multicopter capable of carrying a Canon DSLR or similar camera and hovering hundreds of feet in the air shooting live video and stills. Some individuals wish to fly across the countryside shooting FPV video and conveying the best...Continue Reading
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This copter build & blog was created for a request on how to build a reliable and affordable surveillance copter with normal off the shelf equipment for use by small budget PD's and FD's. The copter is designed for really one major function, a high hovering platform for the systematic observation of a particular designated area of interest by visual, electronic, photographic, or other means. The platform may also be used as a communications relay system for short range point to point communications in perching mode. (We will get to the perching mode info later in build.)

I have decided to name this copter : "Tarantula"

We begin by listing the equipment which will comprise the copter's hardware portion of the build.


Standard Motor:

IPower 2212Q
Brand: Iflight
Type: IPower 2212Q - 22*12mm
KV- 850
Battery: 2-3s
135W, 400mm long wires with soldered 3.5mm male bullet connectors,
Shaft: short shaft, 3.17 x 41mm
Weight: 65g x 6 = 390gr
Max Current: 12.2A
Good quality motor - perfect for 10x4.5
With a 3s battery we are looking at 460 x 6 = 2760gr of thrust a max (6540rpm) which is equivalent to 6 lbs of thrust. If we go to a 4s battery we can boost our thrust to 8.5 lbs. On this build we will concentrate on the 3S battery for power knowing we have the 4s available for extra power if needed.

Standard Motor Props:

Gemfan: carbon reinforced propellers 10 x 4.5 ABS
or optional props:
APC11038SF APC PROP...Continue Reading
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Quick Note: Don't forget I have much more information on troubleshooting in my blogs.


Calibrate ESC's using the KK2 Board
Calibrate ESC's using the KK2 Board (0 min 50 sec)
(0 min 50 sec)
(0 min 50 sec)

Hobbyking's KK2: QUICK START TUNING GUIDE (4 min 9 sec)
...Continue Reading
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Digital Compass and GPS for V1&V2

Compass / Yaw Issues and Troubleshooting

Multicopter Frame Tuning Adjustments /Electronics and PID Tuning Part 1 and Part 2

How to conduct test flights and find hidden gremlins

Flight Logs and Maintenance Log Examples

Questions and Answers
This tutorial will constantly be updated as more questions are asked

Kv, Motor Designations, Kv vs. Torque and Kv vs. Propeller Choice

How to save weight and have a nice 2 axis camera mount

Common issues and solutions for 2.4 GHz onboard Receivers and GPS interference

Multicopter PID / Gain Flight Control Theory Part 1, 2 and 3

After the Crash[/B]

Which battery is best for your applications



X-830-S series QuadCopter



X-830-S Owners - This can apply to the X650 and X450 owners also but PID settings will vary and are not covered in this tutorial.


After spending considerable time testing both the FC-1212-S and P-series I think you will find the tutorials will cover most aspects of both series and there...Continue Reading


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