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Posted by Eves | Jul 13, 2010 @ 11:09 PM | 31,463 Views
Hello and welcome,

Being a fairly new rc-pilot myself, the sims attracted my attention for learning to fly, training the brain cells how to react. All which was spawned by my first time out flying, quite an adrenaline rush, as I imagine most of you have experienced. Normally not a wimp with this sort of thing, I actually felt (not got ) sick afterward. The rollercoaster effect was a bit too much, I guess. None the less, the fear of crashing and exhilaration of flight had me hooked.

I ran into this nice sim RCdeskpilot on the forums here and decided to try my hand at creating a few planes. I have always enjoyed building things and being creative. To me a sim like RCDP is more than just a sim, it's becoming an integral part of a design tool, allowing me to visualize and inspire new ideas. (thanks Davy aka GF, author of RCDP)

The show so far...
A few others who have created additional planes for RCDP.
gunners site

and My Stuff...
The "Mullicoupe"

The "JW60"
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