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Posted by The_Builder | Jun 24, 2012 @ 07:37 PM | 7,241 Views
The FireFly is an old school style DLG built using new materials and methods. You should have very little issue getting your plane to come in under 8oz.

In order to build your plane you will need;

epoxy, (30 min will work just fine)
Micro balloons, babay powder, or similar filler
Foam Safe CA
electrical tape
straight edge
hobby knife with new blade
tool to drill small hole
power drill or drill press
needle nose pliers
masking tape

The first step is to join the wing halves. Put the wing top down on your bench and tape the two halves together with a couple strips of masking tape running opposite the root and one strip right on the root. Now close the the wing "book" so the bottoms of the wing halves are against each other. Fill the hard point cavities with a mix of epoxy and cabosil or baby powder. Place one wing half back in the beds and carefully weigh it down to the bench. Lift the other wing tip up off the bench 7". That 7" will result in a 6.5" dihedral. This is where I fly my plane, and it seems to be a good comprimise.

When the epoxy has hardened you will want to wrap this joint with fiberglass and then wet it out with thinned epoxy or foam safe CA. I prefer to stick some fiberglass to wax paper using a mist of 3M77 and then cut the wax paper and glass into .75" wide strips. You will need two strips. Mist one of the strips on the glass side with the 3M and apply it to the wing joint. Carefully peel the wax paper and...Continue Reading
Posted by The_Builder | Sep 30, 2011 @ 05:20 PM | 7,852 Views
Here are the settings I am using on my FireFly

Launch 0mm
Cruise 4MM down
Float 6mm down

Throws measured while in cruise, 7mm up and 10mm down.

I am running my CG at 65mm, this is very nice to fly and very forgiving. Once you have the CG set tune the elevator for level flight.