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Posted by plenny | Nov 06, 2015 @ 09:55 PM | 1,548 Views
Been selling some surplus kits and in the process had some email conversations. Rather than post photos to individuals it was suggested I use a blog. So her it is. Most of the planes were built by Bob Livin a good friend.
The covering on the old timers is Icarex a ripstop fabric intended for kites which is air tight. It has no adhesive but it is lighter and much stronger than any of the modeling films. The power for all is electric and and save one all motors are innrunners, some brushed and some with BEC. Many of the larger ones have Astro cobalt brushed motors that originally used NiCd batteries. NiCds have been replaced by A 123s. If you don't recognize some of the models you were not born early enough. Send me a note if you have questions.

Models in Order:
1 Miss America Astro 40G Bob Livin constructed @ John Moffet aerodrome Mechanicsville IA
2 Boomer Bus Bob Livin launching on first flight & Keith Shaw pilot @ Clearwater MI
3 Standard Ava Neu powered 300W/# 1100"sq 54oz. P. Bates Modern sailplane @ Moffet field
4 So-Long Bob Livin builder. Electric power @ Morrison IL state park flying field
5 Powerhouse electric builder Bob Livin @ Morrison IL state park flying field.
6 Hollinger Nomad builder Bob livin @ Mid-Am Efly Ann Arbor MI
7 Dallaire Sporster builder Richard Knight Astro 40G powered @ Morrison IL
8 Thermaleer builder Bob Livin Aveox motor
9 Super Quaker built by Bob Livin. Photo taken against a clear sky in South Dakota. Clouds by Kerry Lawrence
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