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Posted by Spyro37 | Nov 20, 2013 @ 12:45 PM | 3,550 Views
(Please do not post questions on this blog. I don't monitor it...)
(Horizon, wish that the 130 was built just like this & you din't have to make me do this)

130X Build with FOUR Rotary Servos
Some of the advantages of this mods are:
- $aving money on those expensive poor quality linear servos.
- time fixing
- time trying to figure out problems, just to find out it was the stock servos causing it
- hard to replace stock elev. servo
- burnt 3-in-1 caused by faulty/failed linear servo
- crashes caused by linear servo.
- Advil/Tylenol & etc.

SOME VIDEOS. These were the two 130s I built. One for myself & one for my friend.
Both helis has been pretty much trouble free, with VERY little maintenance, if any (stripped gear/s due to dumb thumbs).
87grams fully assembled (including motor), without the canopy and battery.
Both helis with countless flights already...
These helis (videos) has the same power set-up HP10S motor mod with Lynx 9T pinion for optmized power &efficiency, 4min flight on 100%TC, 2S 450mAh lipo.

Blade130X STOCK FRAME WITH 4 ROTARY SERVOS (2 min 11 sec)

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Posted by Spyro37 | Aug 23, 2011 @ 03:38 AM | 27,431 Views
The Center of Gravity provided on the picture below is what I used on this MAIDEN FLIGHT. The KLM floated really well balanced on my first landing approach @ 8:25, with NO-to-minimum throttle. After 2or3 right clicks (aileron), the 737 tracked beautifully, so I decided to do a LOW fly-by @ 10:50, why not?

Windrider KLM BOEING 737 - How It's Made & Maiden Flight (12 min 44 sec)
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