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jackerbes: E-Challenged:
I try to buy soldering supplies from a large electronics supply store. Look for Weller brand soldering irons and replacement tips. Simple 37-47 watt soldering irons with tips that are held into the barrel with a set screw are best, screw-in types tend to seize up and tips may become hard to remove. Use flat sided "chisel" type tips for soldering wires to connectors. Pointy tips are for circuit board work. Tin tips while heating up for the first time, keep wiping tips on a damp paper towel pad and applying fresh solder before, during and after soldering. Touch the iron to the wire or terninal and feed a little solder into the junction of iron tip and wire or terminal to conduct heat, then add more solder to fill the strands and tin the wire or tin the terminal. Hold tinned wire against terminal while reheating the two with
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can't mount vertically?
LemonRx manual
Can a single gyro control 2 elevons? This.
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Small connector weight per male-female pair:

HK Mini-Deans "Mini black T"=1.64gm
Micro Deans=who cares, exposed contacts = shorts = fire

2mm bullet housing variations:
HXT 2mm=2.62gm
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link to seller
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Per APC: "We recommend that the drilled hole not be used for checking balance". Here's the explanation.

With regards to the GWS DD 8040 and similar small props I guess this means balancing on a prop saver
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for the 20 inch:
Hyperion 550 mAh 2s

for the 24 inch:
Hyperion 850 mAh 2s
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Goldguy's favorite 3.9 grams servos
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Foam padding

starting point
ultimate version of same
portable-ish version - this is the closest to what I want so far

A whole thread on the subject, for larger planes mostly
another holder - retention arms swivel into place - useful idea

upright holder
another version of the upright
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The AXi 2203/46 and 2204/54 motors have an integrated 5.5mm diameter prop saver which fits GWS 7035 direct drive props [and the slow fly props as well].

Each new motor comes with a single 5.5mm to 7mm hat/ring hub adapter to accomodate the 7mm M4 nut-hole on the GWS 8040 and 9050 props.

Given the way I fly, low and hard, this adapter will be gone after a few "landings".

Needed to find a replacement adapter.

SOLUTION = two of these stacked vertically fill the gap perfectly: M1x5 Viton O-Ring, 75A Shore Durometer, Round, Black, 5 mm ID, 7 mm OD, 1 mm Width (Pack of 25)

The cheaper Buna-N o-rings of same listed dimensions seem to fit just as well.

Other options for replacement adapters:
old dead link
ream these M4 nylon nuts out to 5.5mm ID?
Posts 8 and 11 here are somewhat helpful

This HK knockoff motor has the same issues

Other options = silicone tubing, nylon washer, using SF props, switching prop brands, not losing the precious adapters [not crashing], modding APC or Hyperion or the new GWS adapter rings or these?], sticking with 7035 props
These Park 250 rings?

Here's another source of almost-the-right-size adapter rings, the FalconInserts.
And here is another, the GWS 3-blade prop inserts.

Alternatively, glue the stock ring adapter to the motor? Then maybe bevel the prop hole a little with an 8mm ball head burr? so it slips off more easily on impact?