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Posted by grumman5277 | Aug 05, 2012 @ 08:39 PM | 2,743 Views
it's bee a little while since i updated my little one Cameron on here,but this is also informational.
Last week he suffered a bog bite to the face. While something like this may seem trivial or not serious to some ,it took less then 24hrs and one doctor visit in the same time frame to get serious.
In my own research i found that it is imperative to go to the ER right after the incident as 80+% will get infected. We went with the advice of a nurses hotline the same day and doctors visit,and was really bad.

sorry about the pictures ,but if my son's experience helps people take the correct steps ,then it's worth it.

If it helps the little one's these med's even with flavoring are horrible. Ask for non flavored med's as they are easily mixed in pudding and chocolate milk without them knowing.Just make sure they consume all of it.They mixed in pudding but in all in the first spoon full.

I have heard and was told grape soda and Dr.pepper work as well but again it's important for them to finish what ever it's in.

We spent the weekend at children's hospital in Dayton.I cannot stress enough how proper care gets the results and they hands down did an excellent job ,as their actions and not words were clear on what they were there for.He had to be hooked up to an IV for several days as well as the initial super shot they gave him. The difference is very apparent and looks 100% better.He has only local swelling and redness at the bit vrs the whole side of his face red and swollen and eye almost closed shut. keep in mind this happened very fast from bite to infection.
Thank you Children's for helping my little one.