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Posted by iacei | Jun 20, 2014 @ 04:18 PM | 1,025 Views
Selling my goggles
Posted by iacei | May 20, 2014 @ 06:47 AM | 1,391 Views

Just a small thread which could have spare me a bad first order for my kids.

My 8 years-old son wanted a real RC car, not the analog toy kind you get in kids stores. So I bought him the Turnigy Stadium 1/18

But unfortunately this car proved to be very fragile:

- Brushless Motor broken after 3 runs
- Very bad diffs which would strip each 3 runs and cost 9$ each.
- steering link breaks at each frontal crash...

Anyway I spent more then 120$ on it and my kid is now afraid to push it.

Then I bought a more cheapy 1/18 model for my 5 years old boy, the WLTOYS A969 on banggood.

Results : GREAT! Same power as the stadium truck and a hell more solid (Remember, my 2nd one is only 5 years old)

Stadium vs A969

So I will buy another one as a replacement for the stadium.

Here the models based on the same structure (each body has 2 color schemes)

wltoys A949/A959/A969/A979

Positiv :

- Tx/ESC/Rx not really swappable on other models
- Brushed Motor, but very big/tough in comparison with the stadium one
- Battery tray is a little short (1400Mah max)

positive :

- Price (69$ RTR 2.4Ghz with charger + battery)
- Powerful (I had to reduce the power for my kid)
- Tough
- Compatible with some classic RC parts (wheels with hex nuts etc....)
- Parts available
- 15-20mn play pro lipo
- 4 AA batteries(not 8) in the TX
- Precise steering (no play like the stadium)





Spare battery: http://www.banggood.com/7_4V-1200mAh...-p-921149.html
Use the code 147cc0 to get a discount


Posted by iacei | May 19, 2014 @ 08:01 AM | 1,514 Views

Juste un petit thread qui m’aurait permis d’éviter un mauvais choix initial (je vais pas vous faire une review complete).

Alors voila, mon fils de 8 ans voulait une vraie voiture RC (il bavait devant ma Turnigy Desert Buggy 1/8).
Dans les magasins maxitoys etc.. il n’y a que des mauvais jouets en analogique sans puissance donc je me suis décidé à lui acheter la Turnigy Stadium Truck 1/18.

Mais par malheur celle-ci s’est avérée treeeees fragile, liste des pannes :

- ESC mort a la livraison
- Moteur BL Mort apres 3 runs (depuis remplacement OK)
- Les différentiels qui se petent apres 2-3 usages (9$ piece !) et pas d’alternative.
- Piece avant (steering link) qui pete apres chaque choc frontal

Bref j’ai deja dépensé une fortune (+ de 120$) et le gamin n’ose plus pousser les gazs.

Puis j’ai acheté un autre modele 1/18 plus "cheap" sur banggood pour mon fils de 5 ans, le WLTOYS A969.
Résultat : Une révélation ! Autant de pèche que la stadium truck et une sacré solidité (je rappelle que c’est mon fils de 5 ans qui pilote )

Comparaison stadium et A969

Du coup je vais réparer une derniere fois la stadium, la revendre et j’achete de suite un autre modele WLtoys (Mon fils de 8 ans a choisi la A959 en bleu)

Donc voici les modeles qui sont bien (2 couleurs possibles a chaque fois) (wltoys A949/A959/A969/A979): Attention ne pas prendre les modeles LXXX
Elles sont toutes sur le même chassis...Continue Reading
Posted by iacei | Jul 15, 2013 @ 03:33 AM | 1,675 Views
Hi folks,

I recently bought a Gopro 3 and wanted a light-weight Case with a cheap replaceable lens protection.

As I did not find it on the market I asked my friend which has a cnc: Why don’t we produce it ourselves?

Some thinking, sketches and tests after that the GP3-Box was born.

gp3box (1 min 28 sec)

Here the main specs:

- Light

- affordable

- should protect the whole Gopro and not only the lens

- Lens protection is easy and cheap to replace

The lens protection is a UV filter, it is simply screwed like on a DSLR. The screw is compatible with all matching photography accessories. So If you break or scratch the UV filter you can replace it easily. You can also change to a polarisation filter or whatever you want to make some shots with special effects.

For transportation you can also buy a cheap1$ 37mm snap-on to protect even more your gopro (must be bought your side).

...Continue Reading