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erdnuckel2's blog
Posted by erdnuckel2 | Jan 01, 2015 @ 05:38 AM | 1,644 Views
... to ALL my "pilot-friends" here at RCgroups:


may the road rise to meet you and the winds blow always in your favor!!!
may you be healthy and happy and safe!

All the best to every one of you!!

Posted by erdnuckel2 | Dec 01, 2014 @ 06:49 AM | 1,878 Views
... alright, as RCG does only display in the "info line" if you post a completely new sub-blog so to speak (ie another BIG headline), but never if you just update - or add a comment to - something that is already "older", I decided to "create" a "sub-blog" that will take this function over FOR me!!!

So in my "info line" (or however that last grey line in my "regular" posts is called, it will only say I "JUST" made a blog post ..." from now on.
That will lead everybody here, and here I will have the dated link to the "actual" post ...
(like a "general" blog index ... a little bit anyway ... ...)
Posted by erdnuckel2 | Nov 28, 2014 @ 05:16 PM | 1,645 Views
... the Heli Addicts Anonymous - which should actually more so be called HAU for Heli Addicts UN-anonymous, as everyone of us is pretty much "WAY out of the closet" and (kinda) known to the others as far as their "addiction" is concerned, - is here:


Posted by erdnuckel2 | Nov 19, 2014 @ 06:21 PM | 2,033 Views
Ok, today I finally managed to follow Dana's suggestion and built myself a ball link removal tool for my 100size and smaller helis out of the tweezers he advised to use.

Sadly, there are NO "pre-built" ball link pliers THAT small, and I am not really a person with strong finger nails.
After my last crash with the HFP100 ... which broke ONE ball link, and the subsequent attempt to disassemble the heli ... which broke TWO MORE by trying to pop the links off ... I decided it is finally time to "take the plunge"

The whole endeavor took about one hour, but I guess this should be about expected considering the goal behind the task.

Anyway, as of right now, I would say it was well worth the effort of duplicating Dana's work ... and my finger nails will thank me later.

The "manufacturing process" is described in Dana's blog, I am not going to add too many written words, just a few pictures ...

Posted by erdnuckel2 | Oct 12, 2014 @ 05:40 PM | 1,961 Views
After I finished my latest "dual use" canopy that fits the V911 as well as the HFP100 - even though it is MUCH better suited for the HFP100 ... but it can be put on a V911 in a pinch ... I decided to make a new blog thread ONLY about canopies.

I got soo many of those by now that it really merits showcasing them in a dedicated thread

So here we go with "Exhibit A"
Posted by erdnuckel2 | Oct 08, 2014 @ 01:57 PM | 2,324 Views
I finally decided to put this "activity" into a thread of its own. Posted pictures of my other "DIY" helipads before here and there, and will add to this one occasionally.
But the real "trigger" for starting this thread is my newest DIY helipad, which I think as a nice feature here and there ...
Posted by erdnuckel2 | Sep 03, 2014 @ 01:26 PM | 3,196 Views
Granted, I dont buy as much stuff there anymore as I did years ago (before BG and TMart), but I just got another reminder on WHY this once was by far my most favorite vendor ... I why I still "love" those guys ...

Ordered some canopies for my V944 on August 27th, had them YESTERDAY!!! !!!! (night, when I got back from work)

Sure, BG and TMart ship for free, but miracle mart does too, although "only" on orders above 50$
But even if they charge, their shipping charges are usually really decent!!! (and for getting something in 5 days that I have to wait for 5 weeks if I order it from one of the "other" guys I mentioned, the 4$ shipping I paid were worth each and every single cent!!!

Just sayin' btw ... (as I just got reminded today that I ordered a V931 in JULY , which is STILL "hanging out" somewhere between china and here
Posted by erdnuckel2 | Sep 01, 2014 @ 11:27 AM | 2,352 Views
Inspired by the "Did you fly today?" - thread in the main section, I decided the first of the month is a great starting point to do a "similar" thing - just more focused on myself than in the main thread, which kind of focuses on the community.

Some may have read my post about the daunting task of trying to become a TRUE expert in heliflying, based on the famous (IS it actually famous??? .) 10K hour rule.
Depending on the opportunities (ie "spare time") you get, this literally means a lifetime or more (I calculated that with an actual 16 or 17 flights of 5min each EVERY day !!! it will take about TWENTY years to reach this goal/milestone

My hope is, that I will actually find the discipline to really note down the flights I do when I do them, and maybe add some little extra info to the mix every once in a while. Based on this, my "further" hope is, that I will be able to keep up some kind of a "running balance" flight log. (never actually did that before)

It would also be nice, if I could motivate a few people to do this too, and sometimes post links in the main thread to their flight logs, to maybe find some additional motivation in seeing at other peoples' examples what it takes to "succeed"

So much for the "goals" (ie hopes).

Now to my intended way of doing this: (if this was a map, I could call it a "legend" - I guess - but obviously it isn't ... DUHH ...)

As I mentioned,...Continue Reading
Posted by erdnuckel2 | Aug 20, 2014 @ 11:43 PM | 2,391 Views
(I am absolutely NOT good at math in general, but I like those simple math "thought games" ...)

In a post earlier today in one of the threads I follow, I mentioned my intention to write "a piece" about flying my HFP100V2 for two batteries this afternoon.
Because when I did this, a "nagging thought" suddenly entered my mind ....


I always time the HFP100 flights to exactly 5:00min. (this does not mean that I am "back on the ground again" after exactly 5min, but it means I will immediately land once I hear my timer go off)

today I did these two flights - and oftentimes this is all I manage to get in.
Now, many of you, I am sure, have heard about the "rule" that one can ... uhemm ... MAY call oneself an "EXPERT" after practicing for 10 000 hours.

and now lets start calculating:

one of my flights takes 5min, so it takes 12 flights to get ONE hour or in other words 120 000 flights to ..."call myself an EXPERT" in its own right.
IF I am able to manage those 2 flights a day, it will basically take a FULL week to get one hour of airtime - or in other words: It will take 10 000 weeks to be able to call myself an EXPERT ...
The interesting thing in this calculation is, that an average human lifetime encompasses about 4100 weeks !!! (going by the current life expectancy of a "western world male" - of about 78 or so years)
Now we have to take into account, that the flying...Continue Reading
Posted by erdnuckel2 | Jul 29, 2014 @ 11:39 PM | 2,990 Views
I found this gadget a few weeks ago at BG for 5$. Upon closer "research" I found out, (having neither heard nor read about this since then) that I was - as unfortunately way too often - pretty late to the party, as these little gadgets are discussed in youtube videos since around January

Anyway, considering how much of our daily life is influenced by "things" that are powered through USB, charged through USB etc, it is - or so I thought - something rather relevant to our hobby.

Here is my video (way toooo late) ... what do you guys think about the charger doctor.

charger doctor demo (4 min 13 sec)

Also, as I am really not too experienced in electronics, if I am missing something or make a mistake somewhere and you realize this, please let me know - this is also supposed to be a "learning experience" !!

And here is my theory - the reason why I really decided to post this vid ...

If I interpret the results from my test right, then I am charging the V944 batteries on about 2C and the V955 batteries even on almost 3C if I am using the stock charger. (this would also make a lot of sense with regards to my average charge times)
Now, many people may see this as uncritical, me however, I am a firm believer in the "rather-charge-your-battery-on-1C" rule to try and optimize the life expectancy of the battery (thanks to "optimal are" ...)
This is - to what I read here on RCG - even more to be taken into consideration with the not so expensive batteries (where a lesser quality could be expected)

So what is the verdict of the viewers ???

Posted by erdnuckel2 | Jul 25, 2014 @ 02:59 PM | 3,233 Views
... and it did not work.

I started with the v929. I had an mjx 100. I still have (mainly because I put so much heart into my paint job) a HOTEN-X. I have a Scorpion (6 props, 3each top and bottom). The last ones were the Hubsan Q111 and the WLToys V272 (because they are sooo incredibly tiny and I got curious again)

But it just "didnt click"

Then came Curtis Youngblood with the Stingray (3D quad) - the first CP quad with cyclic control (variable pitch). This was the one quad that really can push my buttons for many reasons.

Flite Test - Stingray 500 - REVIEW (8 min 53 sec)

and today, I was browsing around the MM site and I found this:

...Continue Reading
Posted by erdnuckel2 | Jan 01, 2014 @ 07:49 AM | 3,946 Views
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 to all my friends and fellow pilots here on RCG!

May the good days by far outnumber the bad ones!
I wish you all the best for the coming year (in particular health, as this seems to be the most important blessings of all ... and the basis for making the big wish come true ...

Posted by erdnuckel2 | Apr 07, 2013 @ 11:40 PM | 17,755 Views
Without a doubt, there are kinda enough "official" threads about the V912 - but as stuff has a tendency to "drown" in those big threads, I will "make" a little one here for myself (and anybody else interested), where I will try to "preserve" the things that are important to me
(if this helps anybody else along the way, all the better ...)

And the "system" will be the same as I try to uphold in all my other thread here in the blog (sometimes with less success than I would like) ... the first post will have an


Posted by erdnuckel2 | Feb 28, 2013 @ 02:52 PM | 6,694 Views
This is one that was "years in the making" so to speak guys, but I think I am finally fitted with the right tools to tackle this challenge! (at least I truly hope so , as it would be a painfully costly learning experience ... .)

Anyway, this thread is gonna be about the different scale helis I intend to build over time (oh well, or at least the fuses for them ... ...)

(as usual!)

The "AS350 Ecureuil"
Posted by erdnuckel2 | Feb 28, 2013 @ 12:59 PM | 5,823 Views
Hi all,

it's E2 again, back to bug you with another blog thread. This one is going to be about (micro) heli challenges.
I know, I know - I did one like this about a year ago (and wasted precious cyber space ...) ... but that is surely no longer working - so let's try this AGAIN!!!

And as usual, I have all the best intentions, so here it is, the


Challenge #1: "Simon sez ..."
Posted by erdnuckel2 | Feb 07, 2013 @ 11:38 AM | 6,076 Views
I already started a thread like this before (inspired by the original ultimate heli challenge thread for the Syma107G) but it lay dormant for too long to still allow answers in it.

SO, I decided to try this again, this time no longer focused on the S107G, but to just throw out ideas on how to try and challenge your skill set with a micro heli ... be that CoAx, FP micro or even CP micro.
Off course, they are all suited differently to master specific challenges and sometimes one will be MUCH better for a particular challenge than another.

But the main point is just to put the idea out and show what I did.#

Right now, I have two items on order/in the mail for challenges to do.

The first challenge will be called "magic 8" and I have to thank Mike (chap1012) for actually coming up with it (even if it was just a JOKE, I think it is worth being taken VERY seriously, as I can imagine this to become a heck of a challenge ...

The second challenge will be called "Simon sez" and it is actually a dual challenge (start thinking about WHY I might call it the way I did, the solution will be posted in about a week or so, when I get the item I won in an ebay auction for it [ebay says ETA is next Wednesday ...)

THIS is gonna be gooood guys!!!

Looking forward to meeting all of you back here every once in a while ...

HAPPY FLYING to all of you ... and may the force be with you !

Posted by erdnuckel2 | Sep 30, 2012 @ 11:23 AM | 7,939 Views
... NOOOO ... not what you might think!

I am NOT getting out of RC - but I finally realized that I will NEVER win! I wont be the one who dies with the most toys ... EVER!!! ...

So I decided to start slowly (but thoroughly ...) selling off the "toys" that would do better somewhere else than with me.
And every time I do, I will mention it here. Plus, the index will give me a "timeline" and also will keep my fond memories alive ... (IF there even IS anybody who actually buys the stuff)

anyway, hereīs the start:

  • Blade 120SR hopups (RKH, XTREME) (09-30-12) ... #2
  • new (OLD) V911 black/orange RTF (10-13-12) ... #5, #6 ((both) SOLD!)
  • used like new SP270 RTF + Extras ... #7
  • Xieda 9958 with tons of Extras and many mods! (10-31-12) ... #8

Posted by erdnuckel2 | Jun 27, 2012 @ 11:04 AM | 17,732 Views
You could subtitle this "E2 becomes E 2+x" I guess ...

YES! I will admit it, I finally broke down (AGAIN!!) ... and got my first multicopter, so this literally screams for a new thread in my ever expanding blog (... oh HOW to keep up with this ??? .)

Anyway, here is a little background on me and multicopters:
I have actually been watching them "from the sidelines" ever since I read the first time about them and saw a few vids a couple years back. More sometimes ... and sometimes less - but there was always something that kept me from "jumping in".

In the beginning that was clearly the price and also the size those things usually were. However, the fact that one of the most used frame materials was CF (did I ever say "I LOOOOOOOVE CF" ...) they have always been very tempting ...
(I think the first RTFs that were out were the Walkera UFO 5 and UFO 8, but I may be wrong there ... like I said, I watched from the sidelines ...)
But once the quads started getting smaller there was an increase in temptation, however, I managed to stay steadfast.

Then a friend of mine bought a Walkera Ladybird a few ... I guess months ... back and the temptation grew again ... (he had tried to convince me to get a quad quite a while before that - but the fact that it was a part of the hobby that was so heavily based on "DIY" and required lots of things I am not good at kept on keeping me away from quads ... or tri-copters, hexa-copter or octo-...Continue Reading
Posted by erdnuckel2 | May 16, 2012 @ 05:52 PM | 15,755 Views
This is going to be about the type of heli I am going to need the most help with -


I already kinda smuggled one of them into the FP thread (the NE SP100 3D) but as it does not really belong there and will always be an off-topic item, I decided to open yet another blog thread.

to start out with, remember the Posts I did about it on the FP thread:


so, from now on, I will continue my "Adventures in CP land" in this dedicated thread.


EDIT 01-15-2013:
I have not even noticed this until now, this thread NEEDS an

Micro CP INDEX ... 1
Nine Eagles SoloPro 100 - 3D ... 2,3,6,28
SoloPro 100 - 3D: batteries ... 4,5,10
Blade mCPX ... 12,13,21,22,25,29,30
mCPX batteries ... 14,18,27
mCPX vs. SP100 - 3D ...15
mCPX: "shakes" ... 19
mCPX skids ... 26
mCPX: "new & improved" ... 35,38,40,44,70,72
mCPX: RKH (RakonHeli) frame ... 54
mCPX: XTREME frame ... 55
mCPX: frame comparison RKH vs. XTREME ...56
Blade nanoCPX: Intro ... 57
nanoCPX: first impressions ...58,59
nanoCPX: batteries ... 60, 65, 68
nanoCPX: "BullsEye" ...67
nanoCPC skids ... 68, 94
mCPX: "new & improved 2": MH frame & Airtime skids ...
mCPX: XTREME "Turbo Motor kit" ... 74, 75, 77, 82, 90
mPCX: XTREME 550mAh batteries ... 80, 81, 82, 89, 104
mCPX: balancing the CoG (inc. video link) ... 83, 84
WLToys V922: INTRO - ITīs here!!! ... 96
V922: first impessions ...98
V922: Exploded View & Parts list (ie INDEX2/sub-index) ... 101
V922: skids ... 102
V922: the first video ... 103
nanoCPX: RKH (RakonHeli) aluminum frame upgrade ... 105
nanoCPX: new paint job ... 106,108
Posted by erdnuckel2 | Feb 20, 2012 @ 08:36 PM | 10,969 Views

(I apologize for starting the thread with a religious exclamation, but that one really seemed to fit ...)

Despite the fact that I am waiting for a whole bunch of packages and Big Blue just went to "insult" me with another "non-working" day (why do "normal" people have to work today, but the "better" ones in governmental positions, at big blue, the banks and on Wallstreet (among surely many others, but those are the most "notorious" ones ... ) do NOT ???

Anyway, ... despite the postal service NOT working (on the other hand, when do they ever work .) ... this could not really darken my mood -

because UPS DOES work and I got my FlySky 9X!!! Whoooo-peeee!!!

Initially I wanted to write the things I have to say about this TX in the V911 blog (as that bird is the one "responsible" that I even got (YET) another TX) but then I thought why not grab this opportunity by the b... uh ... horns and start a thread that at one point in time should contain bits and pieces about ALL the different TX's that accumulated in my possession over the last couple of years ...

... I know, I know - a truly herculean task ... but I am going to take this on anyway

So I will start out with the FlySky 9X, but there will be many more to come over time... and for this reason, as in many of my other blog threads ...

here it is ... the

  • FlySky TH9X: Why?? (2,3)
  • FlySky TH9X: what's in the box?/first impressions (4)
  • Turnigy 9X pdf-manual link (it is the exact same manual as comes printed with the FlySky TH9X) (5)
  • LiPo "conversion" for the FlySky TH9X (6)
  • FS-TH9X and Esky Helis?? (7)