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bobflynjunky's blog
Posted by bobflynjunky | Jan 08, 2012 @ 10:36 AM | 1,508 Views
Latest hangar update: Got a new under coated yellow slow stick and set it up as light as possible. Put a Scorpion power plant on it and the YellowStick is now my fav flyer. Still have the Frankinstick, Multiplex Fox, a foamy yak and now 2 Syma X1s.
I have all the parts for about 2 more red SlowSticks. You can't have too many SlowSticks, RIGHT? A real X quad is in the making as we speak.
Crashed the Euro Fighter, Furious ultra, and the homemade DTV disk and Batman disk. All electronics are now being used for back-up, or on other models.
I love this hobby.
My new slogan now is " Save a finger, Flip a Quad "
Posted by bobflynjunky | Apr 09, 2009 @ 11:44 PM | 2,252 Views
So far I have had 3 air hogs, a Skyfly, 2 Slow Sticks and now an E-Starter. Still have shaky thumbs for the ES, but will practice on the simulator and the SS with ailerons till I feel more confident.

Got a an Ultrafly Furious 3D from Santa and am in the process of doing a non-glue mauk up to make sure everything is going to fit properly. I'm not a 3D flyer by any means so will do only basic flying with this bird. Will post pics when the build is done.