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kadil's blog
Posted by kadil | Jan 14, 2011 @ 12:52 AM | 3,460 Views
For people who have this gps logger and like to use linux, this is how I got my computer working to retrieve logged data, without using the supplied windows software. It works very well, better than than the supplied software.

# in a terminal use:

hcitool scan

#to determine gps bluetooth device address

#set up config file and insert device address
sudo gedit /etc/bluetooth/rfcomm.conf

#================================================= ======
# RFCOMM configuration file.

rfcomm0 {
# Automatically bind the device at startup
bind yes;

# Bluetooth address of the device
device 00:08:2B:20:58:92;

# RFCOMM channel for the connection
channel 1;

# Description of the connection
comment "BTGP KM38";
#================================================= ======

# use :
rfcomm connect 0
#to connect to the device

# use :
gpsbabel -i skytraq,baud=0,erase -f /dev/rfcomm0 -o gpx -F out.gpx
#to download and erase the data from the gps

# file out.gpx can then be opened in google earth or gpxviewer
Posted by kadil | Aug 04, 2010 @ 07:00 AM | 3,995 Views
I have had a lot of fun and made some very good friends on the Polaris thread of the RCGroups forums. The Polaris family is very large. There are your regular family members that give a little and take a little and are the fabric of the family.

Then there are the "special" family members. These family members are a little different. Some unusually tall, some extra small, and some just plain enormous! There may be one that is particularly unattractive, another may be plain accident prone. That said they are all very special. As a tribute to those that are especially identifiable in some way, here is the register:

I have got a Crashalaris
gmphoto - has Gylaris
aerorecon - has a fine Crusholaris, and
Airman - Baby Berry Polaris
Damo has a Lucky-Narrowlaris
captain has a greenalaris
flatbus has an Enormalaris
mavloe has a Pro-splashalaris
tomfrank has a Tallalaris
wilmracer has a Nautilus
levinemax has a Porpoilaris
aeroRecon has a Parkinglotolaris
Baseman built a cool model that turned into a Frankenlaris
daedalus has an Originalis
all because Steve built a Polaris, because
Laddie built a Northstar (not to mention Laddie's twin-propalaris)

Extra submissions welcome
Posted by kadil | May 27, 2010 @ 03:13 AM | 5,547 Views
Here are some photo's showing how I flush mount the esc into the top of the fuse on my polaris.

(1) remove heatshrink
(2) paint with liquid tape
(2.1) remove the heat sink (normally held loosely with tape)
(2.2) use heat sink paste to glue the heat sink on securely
(3) carefully bend the capacitor out of the way so it is below the aluminium plate
(4) cut out the shape of the esc from the fuse including wire slots so the plate goes flush with the surface
(5) mount some depron strips from underneath to strategically hold the esc in place like my fingers are doing in the photo
(6) use filler to cover the wires and holes around the aluminium plate

I think the biggest risk with this procedure is capacitor could be damaged when bending it out of the way. It has worked for me so far, but I am noob with foamies
Posted by kadil | Jan 21, 2010 @ 12:12 AM | 4,419 Views
A little while ago I bought a storm launcher on sale for a ridiculous price. After destroying the body by flying in a tree'd park, I started building replacement bodies out of polystyrene and foam board using the old storm launcher running gear. It worked, but was not very durable.

So I made a plane from the same materials which was equally fragile. It flew fast but the COG was all wrong and landed heavily until it could fly no more.

Then I bought a bargain Bipe, which snapped off the wings when the wings clipped the ground while landing. It was cheap and fragile, and did not seem to be maintainable. Not to mention they supplied radio gear for another country.

So I put electrafun wings on the bipe, it still seemed very underpowered. A nose-dive destroyed the motor mount.

I made a mini polaris (twin prop storm launcher running gear) which looked very promising but when the electrics caught fire, that was then end of that story.

So I lashed out and bought a DX5 Transmitter, and built my first real hobby grade Polaris. I am still practicing on the sim, but my son has successfully flown my Polaris.