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Posted by ImploJet | Mar 24, 2013 @ 03:46 PM | 1,512 Views
The following Gravitic Tech Brief documents the current state of the art in remote control modeling comprising Electrogravitic propulsion and energy technology deciphered from a set of ancient schematics known as the DOGU.

Dampened Oscillatory Gravitic Unit

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Parts list used or planed to be used in this project

Turnigy 9XR
Turnigy 9XR Safety Protected 11.1v (3s) 2200mAh 1.5C Transmitter Pack
JR FrSky combo 2.4Ghz Frsky ACCST w/DJT tx module and rx D8R-II Plus.
ServoBlocks w/ Hitech Servos-325HB from servocity

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Robert A. Patterson
Implosive Dynamic
Posted by ImploJet | Mar 20, 2012 @ 01:51 PM | 2,666 Views
Been a while since I updated my gravitic blog, meanwhile I have made some progress i.e. constructing a working system. I kind of abandoned the first wing for two reasons 1) the empty weight of the fiberglass wing is 22-pounds and 2) the hollowed out interior doesn’t lend itself well to component installation.

So I migrated to laying the wing out and constructing it from thin sections of plywood, which Ill coat with foam to form the rest of the body after testing the pan/tilt mechanisms.

I used servo blocks with Hitech servos from ServoCity to facilitate the tilt mechanisms. I used a servoblock on both sides of the tilt with hub adapters so I would have a matching bearing and framework to bolt the two pan table plates together with plus 1-1/4” aluminum standoffs. I can also add a second servo in tandem with the first tilt servo if I need more torque to tilt the gravitic device because I used the matching frames of the two servo blocks on both sides in the construction.

Round servo horns were used as the pan table rollers and 2” aluminum standoffs are used to separate the upper and lower decks of the wing halves.

Currently I am waiting on email from ServoCity in regards to the exact components needed for setting up the drive-belt system for the pan tables.

Standard HiTech Servo Blocks

Mechanical and Accessories

Landing gear...Continue Reading
Posted by ImploJet | Jan 19, 2011 @ 04:08 PM | 2,960 Views
ElectroGravitic Vehicle 3 (EGV-3)

I know from experience that many of you are going to want to start calling me names when I tell you that I have reverse engineered UFO technology and discovered the same anti-gravity technology used by UFO’s encoded within ancient schematics.

Believe it or not but its true!

You can read additional content at Ancient Astronauts
“More Than a Space Suit”
By Robert A. Patterson

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So how does anti-gravity propulsion fit into the world of radio controlled modeling?

I’m glad you asked!

Not only is there a wing encoded in the ancient schematics but also an ElectroGravitic propulsion system additionally I have personally witnessed several UFO craft and all were forward swept wing-configured air/space-craft. In fact the wing is a hybrid crossed between a Blended Body, Flying Wing, Cranked Arrow, Delta and that of M-wing and W-wing configurations.

Note until now no M/W wing example has ever been built.

ElectroGravitic Vehicle 3 (EGV-3)

At first glance the wing shape might seem a bit odd but when you examine the Fluid and Aerodynamic properties of the wing you find the radial displacement being guided away from the center of the body toward the wing tips and forming into standing vortex waves, which not only aid against stalls (anti-stall) but these standing vortices actually spiral around like a coiled spring...Continue Reading