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Posted by UFO_MAN | May 31, 2009 @ 10:06 AM | 10,351 Views
Got my new UHF long range telecommand system running today on the Graupner MX-16s that I normally use for my quad copter. I use the UHF system from Thomas Sherrer on this plane. I also have some plans for an ultra long range 200 +km HF system for another application that require fewer channels..

Will do test flights soon on this nice plane (that doesnt cost a dime to crash)

Also working on integrating my autopilot that uses the discrete cosinus matrix algorithm (DCM) for inertial navigation assisted by GPS. The algorithm is capable of unlimited aerobatics combined with high precision. This system will be fitted later after the manual system is stable.

Tracker antennas for my S-band diversity setup is also coming up ......Continue Reading