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Posted by CoolerByTheLake | May 28, 2012 @ 07:42 PM | 8,741 Views
Its been some time since any update, so here's the story. Got seriously side- tracked from the Starfire build. So for now its on the back burner. My new passion is my current build of a F-86F Sabre.

I already have the fuse done, and glassed. Now I need to fill in the imperfections,finish the prep stage, and will be ready to pull a fuse.

Concerning the Starfire, with the new JETFAN 90 able fly 16lb planes very nicly, I may look into modifying the plug for it. Think of it, a Starfire with really small intakes!!!
Would also be much lighter, difference in just the fans is 1lb. The old OS91/Dynamax system flew the Starfire for years at only about 12-13 lb thrust. The Jetfan has almost as much, and with pulling my own fuse, it doesn't have to be built like a tank. Food for thought.