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Archive for March, 2011
Posted by WEREE | Mar 23, 2011 @ 12:17 AM | 3,035 Views
Old T-Rex 500 Pan/Tilt FPV setup. This old 500 has long been upgraded to a shock spring suspension boom pan/tilt camera mount for a much improved flight view. But keeping this blog posting around for historical purposes.
  • Align T-Rex 500 ESP
  • EagleTree OSD
    • GPS V4 10Hz
    • Barometric altimeter V3
    • Pitot tube airspeed sensor V3
    • Magnetic RPM sensor
  • Custom made dipole antenna on tail
  • 900MHz/500mW Video
  • Pan/Tilt camera mount with Flytron DT-3K magneto-gravity head tracker
  • Futaba FASST 10CHP radio
  • extended landing gear
  • Loc8tor tracking beacon
This has been a challenging build. Unlike foam planes, the carbon fiber body and many metallic parts is a big hazard for RF waves. Vibration of a heli also a big challenge. But this 6-cell bird is a real predator compared to most other RVP/FPV aircraft. It cruises at 30mph and goes 60mph or more at full throttle. It literally turns on a dime and flies in any direction so it can keep its eye on any target regardless of direction of flight. Try flying sideways and backwards while looking around with the headtracker!

I have flown regular fixed view on a heli for about a year -- fixed view heli is actually not too difficult to fly. But add head tracking to high performance 3D heli is something to be experienced! Looking straight down with nothing obstructing your view is exhilerating. The ability to hover and look around gives you a greater appreciation for the landscape you fly over and a greater appreciation for flight....Continue Reading