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Posted by kfong | Feb 18, 2008 @ 08:59 AM | 57,576 Views

My latest interest, caught up in the ebike craze. RC motors next!

For CNC stuff and general metalworking

For stuff on electronics and robotics

For misc. circuits
Posted by kfong | Feb 14, 2008 @ 04:03 PM | 58,582 Views
Spectrum timer mod.
Change your DX7 throttle control to also start the timer function, just like a Futabla 9CAP
$20 for a complete board.
Monokote or Econokote decal cut on CNC machine. Artwork supplied must be all black. Cost of Decal will range from $10-$20 depending on detail, only one color, based on what I have in stock, max size 8.5" x 11". Odd colors, add $6 extra or you can provide me the color covering in a 8.5" x11" or smaller piece since that's the easiest size envelope to use. Any custom work such as graphics or multi colors will need a quote.

Technique is based on this thread.

Decal will be sent on glad press n seal for you to apply.

Wing templates cut on CNC. You must provide the dxf files. I can make them out of 1/16 FR10 fiberglass or from thin formica, machine used will be a very precise servo driven CNC mill. Resolution of .25mils, video of the mill.


$25 per set of 2 templates with $5 shipping fiberglass FR10.
$20 per set of 2 templates with $5 shipping thin formica.

This is top and bottom for the inner and outer sections. That should allow you to do a complete wing.

For complex wings add $10 per additional set of templates.

Any other types of 2D templates as well, but price will be dependent on the project.

Best to contact me at [email protected] for quicker response
Posted by kfong | Nov 08, 2007 @ 03:57 PM | 57,768 Views
These are boards I have spares of that I can sell.

Spectrum Timer mod
$20 for the board.

CVS USB connector
$3 with a self addressed stamped envelope

Remote camera sensor cable mod
$4 with a self addressed stamped envelope

Servo Tester
$5 with a self addressed stamped envelope

DIY pitot tube circuit
No software developed, but based on this design http://www.kapelec.com/altivie1.htm
$10 with a self addressed stamped envelope

Kin Fong
2517 Cobden Street
Sterling Heights, Michigan
Posted by kfong | May 30, 2007 @ 02:17 PM | 58,914 Views
Place holders for links I want to keep track of.

Ebike links:
My Ebkike Links

My ebike projects:
Motobecan 08 Fantom, cyclone 650watts and A123

Mongoose and cheap brushed Currie motor setup

Outback Mountainboard Electrified A123

X-Treme Electric Scooter conversion to stand-up

Dewalt A123 BMS battery interface solution

Other ebike links:

Dual freewheels

Proportional regen

Sensored motor

Ebike using turnigy motors

Cheap regen circuits

Use the 1010B as a current calibration source
RC Links:

RC Radio Tx - Re-inventing the wheel! - PC based joystick

Build...Continue Reading
Posted by kfong | May 17, 2007 @ 01:13 AM | 58,440 Views
My Latest creation, this one has been a long project in the making. All built from scratch. Lots of original ideas. Works remarkably well. Even the driver boards were designed with the help of my brother and I. This CNC mill was specifically made to cut balsa and foam. It's quite accurate, within .01" tolerance which is plenty for rc stuff. Now I can finally focus on some RC planes I've been wanting to build.

Posted by kfong | Jul 13, 2006 @ 08:33 AM | 59,250 Views
It's been a busy year. I've started on quite a few projects specifically for RC. My main interests has been electronics but ever since I caught the flying bug two years back I've been learning all I can on building and flying RC planes. I've created quite a few RC related boards, many I have not had the time to complete the software for or even posted about. This blog seems like a good repository for these projects since they are limited runs and don't have a high enough commercial demand for my main web page. My other interest is in CNC, eventually I hope to see a project that merges all of these interests together. Planned projects are AUV and aerial photography. Biggest setbacks are time and keeping a project interesting enough to see it through.

Email me on a project you are interested in, chances are I probably have the PCB board for it.