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Posted by Virgle | Oct 30, 2010 @ 10:22 AM | 3,447 Views
Ok the past couple trades I have done people told me they where "RTR" If ya mean start up and run but not drive or fly! Than that would be right, but in my eyes "RTR" means charge the batteries or fill the tank and fly or drive away, we'll I guess not to some people, Yes its my fault cause I didnt ask for more or better pictures but I guess I trust our RC community a little too much, My tardes where ready to run and in pretty good condition, both had issues with the batteries but I made good on the one and the other found what was going on and fixed it. I traded for a "RTR" Nitro car and a "RTF" heli I recived both and one needed work to make it drive away and the other still has not left the ground due to more damage, more than reported, but hey thats the nature of our hobby RIGHT?! Dont get me wrong I love both trades but when ya receive them and your ready to go and there not, Well sort of puts a sour note in the excitement of getting them. I guess I'm venting but People PLEASE understand what "READY TO RUN" means. "RTR, when referring to RC cars, means Ready-To-Run or Ready-To-Race." and "RTF means Ready-To-Fly!"

Thanks for letting me vent